Words away…is this lame or what?


This is the view from my living room. Very hard to be depressed. Spending a lot of time out there. My part of the AIA coastal road in Hollywood is very 70’s with the two story not tell motels and easy access to the beach (lack of parking makes it so beach is private) as the Talking Heads sang, “What did I do to deserve This?”

Here are this week’s words….I think this is my “Bill Cunningham” (the guy who just died who rode around the streets of NYC with his camera and took photos for the ‘street style’ half page in the New York Times) anyway I think I just do this word thing cuz I like it myself. I figure if it makes me feel better….with bipolar and all, maybe you will find it fun, too.

swivet: fluster, panic reaction

rivulet: small stream but then you knew that.

bombastic: loud but w/o meaning or substance (I wonder who they were talking about there!)

exedra: Semicircular in nature, in Ancient Greek or Roman houses, a room with these sort of love seats where people can sit and talk.

Words…why they turn me on?


This is what Sunny South Florida will do to you if you go walking, etc.

Vertiginous: Steep, high, causing someone to become dizzy.

Parapet: A low protective wall.

Riverine: Of a river or a riverbank. What context, I wonder?

Pileated: Having a cap like a mushroom. Maybe a hat is what they are speaking of.

Purloined: Steal, thievery

Words of the week



What I love about words is how often I am wrong about what they mean. Usually they are in the context of something that makes them make sense but today I found myself wrong about a few. I run into words a lot because I read a lot. Newspapers and Magazines Mostly.

Here we go

“Putative”: (this was in an article about excessive incarceration in the U.S. I thought it meant punitive..) “Generally Considered To Be.”

“Voluble” (in an article about Trump)….”Speaking Incessantly”

“Apotheosis” (I can’t remember..probably New York Times) “The highest point or culmination of


“Plebescites” (I keep seeing this in the context of Brexit (the exit of Britain) from the European Union) it means “A direct Vote to Decide”


How is this relevant to anything? For one, many of us are writers and love words. For second, many of the people who ‘follow’ me have depression or bipolar and studies prove learning new shit helps mood function. How? I don’t know but I am going to find out.

Words of the Week (Weak?)


Relevance? They say the best thing for depression is to learn something. Has to do with neurology or neoplastic changes in the brain. They say also people who consistently lift weights have more grey matter and a better mood too. Less likely to have cognitive decline like Alzheimer’s or dementia. 65% less. Crazy. Who do you believe?

I do it all out of superstition. I’d rather NOT get depressed again but with bipolar disorder it’s rather inevitable.


Campaign season, big words. To impress you. Wall Street does this too.

Intercine: A conflict destructive to both sides. Like Syria.

Neocon…New type of Conservative.

Fabulist…someone who relies on fables and parables….totally NOT someone of original thought.

Perturbation..a literary term from the teachings of an English Prof…a deviation from normal projector. A disturbance A plot line that throws a character way off course.

Homeostatic….an organisms tendency to strive for balance within itself.