More Shark Week Shit


I swim in ocean. For a long time, over an hour.  I see sharks. This is a Hammerhead. Perfect for Shark Week. Attacks in Florida are on the rise but something else will kill me first. (Statistically speaking).

I love to swim. If I were to die of a shark attack I’d at least of died doing something I love. And I love swimming. I can crawl a mile between 1:10 and 1:45 minutes and that’s in the ocean. It is aggravating to my back but all exercise seems to be. I come outta the florida ocean a brand new woman, filled to the brim with the euphoria caused by endocannabiniods, not endorphins, which are too large a molecule to pass the blood brain barrier and get you high. Can you believe we thought that bit with the endorphins all those years?

Anyhow, I’m at the store today and see a magazine with a big picture of a hammerhead with it’s mouth, it’s cavernous jaw wide open, teeth long, many and sharp. Ok, fine. Do you want me to buy this? I look at price. It’s over 11 bucks, with tax.

What is it about Sharks that gives us that shivery feeling and made Steven Speilberg of Jaws an overnight sensation. We’re scared but we still go in the water.

When I first moved here, I saw a shark in pursuit of an ailing Mantaray. He was black and white, a round body of contrasts, sort of like the high contrast Kosher black and white cookie you get at a deli. (I do miss Nate and Al’s in Beverly Hills and their tongue sandwich with Russian and Cole Slaw on Rye bread).  You could see the two beasts going at each other in the clear water of the breaking surf, you know, when the wave is at its’ peak. They shut down the beach. More recently I ran across a four foot spinner shark. He saw me and quickly reversed direction and ran away.


They say we can’t lose weight and keep it off? This bipolar shows how.

aquanotext  Are You Sure about this Or Are you just trying to sell your book?

The big news this week was “The Biggest Loser” and how all contestants gained back their weight and more. The ‘experts’ are weighing in and now saying ‘you can’t lose weight and keep it off.’

I am writing a metabolic series for and part two of it is in this link for  Give me a click through, will ya? I need a pat on the back right now. Everyone is saying “No” today. And I hate that word.

I’ve never been much for ‘experts’ or authority figures of any sort, anyway.


7 Superfoods to turn you into a fat burning machine!


There’s no ‘7 Foods, nor would I put a list (listicle) article on my blog! Gotcha!!! If you want a list, click these links about list articles- why I HATE & FEAR their growing dominance.

Before Seroquel I was ten pounds lighter than this. I am an exercise nut. Love it. Swimming is just one of my ‘things.’ Then I was put on Clozaril because it’s super sedating and I have tardive. Between it and the Xenazine Caring Voices Coalition (a charity for rare diseases) helps me get, and a benzo, I’m pretty good but struggle with weight.  In studies, Clozaril is twice as likely to result in weight gain, hunger, hyperinsulinism, metabolic syndrome and finally, type 2 diabetes, even weight independent diabetes.

I’m scared.

Bipolar “Biggest Loser” Still Winning w/the weight off 5 yrs later.

Don’t believe the negativity in the News about “The Biggest Losers.” Sustainable life changes DO work.

allison balconyal in german dress and new earrings

2010, after starting Clozaril                                      2016 …..still at it. No fancy diet programs.

So…all the articles say…you can’t keep the weight off.  Everyone in reality show “Biggest Loser” Gained it back.  Diets don’t work. Are you Sure about that? Or are you just trying to sell a book or get an article published? I’m Allison Strong. Not only did I lose ….well, I’ll just ask you to read this article I wrote that posted today at, Bipolar And Weight. Here’s the link:

Any click throughs greatly appreciated.

This Bipolar “Biggest Loser” Still Winning 6 Years In.

tribal 013aquanotext

We can’t lose weight and keep it off? Rrrrreeeaaalllllly????

This week’s news:  Nearly every contestant from “The Big Loser” regained their lost weight and more.

The experts say : “Dieting Doesn’t Work.”

In 2010, Allison Strong lost the 60 lbs she’d gained on a new medication and kept it off. So far. 

“Me, My Metabolism and the Market” is the beginning of Allison Strong’s (bipolar hope) metabolic series as she pours over recent research and finds holistic ways to disprove the claims of leading nutritionists trying to sell books and articles.

Allison’s never been much for ‘experts,’ ‘authorities’ or the word ‘NO,’ to begin with.

WP keeps screwing up… Let’s see if they can get this post right. You just never know w/some people

One thing about Allison Strong….she refuses to disappear because she has more problems than we’re comfortable with.

She spoke out when………The one person whose job it was to listen tuned out her every word!

She’s been warned by her good friend T to stop being pushy but old habits die hard. (That’s why the therapy)! 

She lives for clicks, shares, likes, nonlikes…  Sadly,  the primal, reflexive movement of your wrist is the yardstick she’s measured by …….well we all know about that.  

Her Article about the deaf therapist is now on’s facebook page. Will ya click to let her know she’s still alive? She’ll repay the favor and then some, even if she has to hunt you down! Not really.


rebels (2)


The saga continues on April 8 as she takes down the disturbing dominance of “Top Ten” list format for mental  and physical health articles.  


There’s another side to me…art therapy w/jewelry and cooking and more



If you have been following this blog for a while you might think I’m married to a life of battle against the ‘powers that be.’ Back when I was on Tumblr I posted a lot about my lighter side, jewelry making, pilates, and gourmet cooking, one of my passions. We have this store in town called Penn Dutch. They have the best, most highly trafficked (this makes for fresher fish because it’s always being replaced by new hauls) fish counter I’ve ever seen. Yesterday they had 9 Oz LobsterTails from South America, not Australia. They carry a Brazilian fish called Branzino that I’ve never heard of.

Yesterday I bought a fish native to here, South Florida, called Pompano. (pictured) it’s only 6.99 a pound, you purchase the whole fish and get two 6oz filets out of it. They filet it for you. What I do is buy coconut milk, fresh mint, and chili paste. I add more splenda to the mixture and heat it up. Then I put dissolved cornstarch in it and pour it over the fish and put it in the oven. I make steamed vegetables and rice, and the extra coconut milk sauce goes good over both. Mike my husband really likes this.

I had to stand at a fish counter with a number tag in my hand for 1/2 hour as this store is crowded. But that’s what makes the fish counter so fresh. Nothing sits there very long.


Oprah, Weight Watchers and Bread

Has anyone seen those Weight Watcher Commercials featuring Oprah saying how much she likes bread and how she’s eaten it every day? Well she must not be on psych meds.

wouldn’t it be interesting to not have side effects like constant hunger?


Well,  Oprah Winfrey bought a stake in Weight Watchers and her stake ensures her position on the board of directors.


I did weight watchers a few times. I’ll go over that later.

I also did OA, and another couple of diets professed to be anti inflammatory for both my psoriasis and low back pain.

Not sure if works. Ever since I started with antipsychotics, I had major binge/weight overexercise issues.


Lately I’ve gone back to my old ways. I eat bread and it only makes me hungrier!

Hey, this is the day!


#bipolar strong

Metabolic Researchers Respond to my letters

Some of you may remember that I sent letters to scientists researching the metabolic challenges from taking atypical antipsychotics. Guess what? They responded and put me in touch with others.

It just goes to show that people do care and will share the information. I am putting it all together with my own metabolic healing journey and doing a series of articles on metabolic healing, diabetes prevention and maintaining a healthy weight. The idea is that this can be addressed and needs to be addressed from all angles. Diet and exercise alone often doesn’t do the trick.

You can be slender and fit and still have metabolic fallout from atypical antipsychotics.In my case the benefits of the medicine outweigh the risks.