Loudass Punk Rock at 8am


The Sex Pistols

I thought I had died and gone to heaven when I found myself as a disc jockey at radio stations that played this defiant, D.I.Y. kind of music. I ‘fell’ into this career because I sold advertising at a small radio station (a great place to get a start) and they thought I had a good voice. Talk about going in through the ‘back door.’  Like writing, this is a field full of rejection and plenty of hungry kids willing to do the same job for free. My boss got hundreds of tapes and resumees a week from wannabees. So I established myself as a music critic and learned the computer programming to be a music director. I figured I’d ‘age out’ later. I ended up aged out at 40 and on a blacklist.

I’m listening to it, and The Pixies right now. Try doing that when you’re in a tentative mood state. I think it plays real well.

Right now I’m in author neurosis. Is my title too gross? Should I call the ‘such and such for dummies’ person? How humiliating!

Last night I perused the entire “Writer’s Market” for small, academic presses. Under the categories ‘Health and Medicine,’ nowhere did I see a real opening for “Tardive Dyskinesia.” But what if it becomes a ‘thang’ (our population rose by 600k in the last six months) and I didn’t bother to write my book? Bottom line? Do what you enjoy.

But what if you enjoy torturing yourself?

Punk Rock ‘Three Chords and The Truth?’

I heard about an artist, Colleen Green, who says her work is ‘Ramonesque’…i.e., The Ramones. I find stuff like this in the New York Times on the stairmaster at the Y.

Last week, on Sirius’ ‘Guns and Roses Channel,’ I heard all kinds of good stuff that I want to purchase and record. Also heard really good stuff on Jonathan L’s “The Lopsided World of L” Mersey Radio, Liverpool, England.

Jonathan is a former employer of mine at Radio station KFMA and ‘The Q’ both Phoenix, Arizona. You gotta know when someone hires you twice, you have worth in their eyes. This has nothing to do with Bipolar Disorder or Tardive Dyskinesia….it’s what I do to get out of depressive phases, like the one I’m in right now.

2 many doctors appts give birth 2 an idea

Ok, on a day when I have doctor’s appointments, I get depressed. And it’s getting even more triggering to me. As a person who has survived pretty well with bipolar disorder for 25 years, weathered bad and good times and irreversible side effects, the illnesses mushroom. Oh, if I knew then what I know now. That’s why I want to write a book.  Hey, I could write the whole thing in doctor’s offices waiting rooms!!!

To balance the morbidity I get a good workout in in between, before or afterward.

Here’s what got me thru

“Rage Against the Machine” The ever soulful “The Ghost of Tom Joad”

Gary Jules “Mad World” also done by Tears for fears

Ice Cube “It was a good day.”

Led Zepplin “Boogie With Stu.”

a lot of people don’t get rap. They drive home their oppression. I would think anyone with a mental illness would understand the idea of being underneath a power pushing them down. Here’s my fav lyric

“Today I didn’t need to use my AK, I’d say today was a Good Day.”

ha. Power lifting and treadmill reading The NYT Sunday Edition. The upper balances the downers.

Or try this: DC Hardcore Band Fugazi’s classic rage fueled “Waiting Room.”