My thing about film directors and the “auteur” theory

Peter BergThis is former actor, former director, writer and now uberproducer Peter Berg. I first saw him in “The Last Seduction” with Bill Pullman and Linda Fiorentino, both people deserving of work and hardly ever working. But Peter Berg, first in Chicago Hope, then off to “Friday Night Lights” a producer/director job with Interscope….he’s developed some really interesting work over his career and does delightful cameos in his stuff. Right now he’s playing the Miami Dolphins owner in “ballers.” I follow this guy around like crazy.

Other directors who put the ‘auteur’ stamp on their work

the late Robert Altman

Quentin Tarantino

Ingmar Bergman

Oliver Stone

and so forth. Often you can judge if a movie is good by who produced or directed it. This is my theory.

HBO’s Ballers Delights Football Skeptic (Andy Garcia in season 2)

the rockrickyballers


Brought to you by the same people who brought “Friday Night Lights” is HBO’s comedy “Ballers,” starring “Rock” ….it’s about Football, Football players but about so much more. Mental health, opiate addiction, neurological and other health problems, other kinds of substance abuse, Fake Friends, Sex, well, of course…season one is available for binge watching now and season two features Andy Garcia as a money manager. The Rock plays one too and he’s poaching Andy’s clients, watch the sparks fly. It’s a way more intellectual ride than I imagined and funny as hell. I like watching because I know next to nothing about professional football except to say John Elway was in my dorm at Stanford U.

Missing “House of Cards” “The Good Wife?” Try Marseilles on Netflix

depardieudepardieu young

I don’t know how I found this show, but it’s a Netflix original French drama with subtitles. It’s like “The Girlfriend Experience,” (GFE) “The Good Wife” and for sure “House of Cards” since it involves the longtime mayor of the French port city of Marseilles, scandal, paternity issues, adultery, drug abuse and betrayal on a massive scale. I mention GFE because there is so much sex. Check it out and get back to me ok?

How is this relevant to bipolar or depression? Escape can be good.