The USA Legal Show ‘Suits’ is charging for new episodes?

Cord cutters of the world unite!


Even though the premise of a false Harvard Law Graduate is weak, we really like the show Suits. The above is a picture of Megan (sp) Markle, who happens to be Prince Harry’s girlfriend/fiance and is stellar in the show. Apparently the British Paparazzi, who can be really vindictive, took issue with Prince Harry having a relationship with someone who is biracial. Unbelievable.

The last time we went to Xfinity to see the most current episode of Suits, it said “purchase” for 1.90. per episode. We are wondering if this is a mistake or if Xfinity is becoming greedy and we should dump it.

My thing about film directors and the “auteur” theory

Peter BergThis is former actor, former director, writer and now uberproducer Peter Berg. I first saw him in “The Last Seduction” with Bill Pullman and Linda Fiorentino, both people deserving of work and hardly ever working. But Peter Berg, first in Chicago Hope, then off to “Friday Night Lights” a producer/director job with Interscope….he’s developed some really interesting work over his career and does delightful cameos in his stuff. Right now he’s playing the Miami Dolphins owner in “ballers.” I follow this guy around like crazy.

Other directors who put the ‘auteur’ stamp on their work

the late Robert Altman

Quentin Tarantino

Ingmar Bergman

Oliver Stone

and so forth. Often you can judge if a movie is good by who produced or directed it. This is my theory.

American Crime Story: People Vs OJ



I could not believe how good this show is. Sarah Paulson from uberproducer’s other shows, “American Horror,” as Jessica Lange’s daughter in the witch coven…for example, she makes a terrific Marsha Clark; so driven, so aggressive and so WHITE, she lost the case for them. For all of her bluster, her constantly changing hair styles and wardrobe showed us how deeply she cared about our opinion of her. And I’ve learned over the years that isn’t a real good thing to do. But I’d set this up to record…it makes great entertainment and shows how this spectable of ‘if it doesn’t fit, acquit’ put the Kardashian kids, their mother Chris Jenner and the deeply the┬álate Mr Kardashian, a confidante of ‘the juice’ cared for his troubled friend accussed of double homicide…in tony Brentwood, no less!cubagooding

On Incredible Entertainment by Amazon Studios

There is a show based on a book “The Man in the High Tower, ” and it’s a what if The Nazi’s and the Japanese won the war kind of thing. The flag of the US has the Swastika replacing the part with the 50 stars. It’s really tense, dramatic stuff, especially if you like Spyfare. Of course If our internet connection for streaming was working it would be a lot better.