The Joke that went over TOO WELL …and didn’t make final cut


green juice

They say misery brings the comic out of us. This is certainly true of me. I was writing this article about a therapist who did not listen. I was telling him about all my supplments, Fish Oil for brain function, Pilates, Kale aloe juice protein shakes, daily greens, healing teas…and he goes “I know, have you ever thought of nutrition for bipolar disorder? You need to buy a juicer!!!

I wrote about it. At the end I go, “I’m confused. I already eat all these things. If I juice them will they work better? What about my meds? If I toss them in the juicer will that help them work better?” and that line broke the camel’s back.

But I wanted you to hear it. That’s all. Thanks for reading my stuff. Here is the link to the whole story.

Allison Strong

Words of the Week (Weak?)


Relevance? They say the best thing for depression is to learn something. Has to do with neurology or neoplastic changes in the brain. They say also people who consistently lift weights have more grey matter and a better mood too. Less likely to have cognitive decline like Alzheimer’s or dementia. 65% less. Crazy. Who do you believe?

I do it all out of superstition. I’d rather NOT get depressed again but with bipolar disorder it’s rather inevitable.


Campaign season, big words. To impress you. Wall Street does this too.

Intercine: A conflict destructive to both sides. Like Syria.

Neocon…New type of Conservative.

Fabulist…someone who relies on fables and parables….totally NOT someone of original thought.

Perturbation..a literary term from the teachings of an English Prof…a deviation from normal projector. A disturbance A plot line that throws a character way off course.

Homeostatic….an organisms tendency to strive for balance within itself.



Letter to the Editor re RX prices Boston Globe

Photo of a photo


I was beginning to think my favorite subject had disappeared into the campaign trail because it’s too complicated for The Donald. He can’t build a wall or mete out justice to the drug companies but he can agree with the rest of the bunch (for once…take that as his silence) and that’s why we aren’t hearing about it. Until last night when I read Boston Globe and saw…an article by the Dean of Harvard Med School’s really vague, non specific op ed. I only went to Stanford, so they won’t give me the column inches for an article but maybe my letter to the editor? I didn’t mention the bipolar bit.

Writing a Book, technically speaking..what does it take?



It just occurred to me that my greatest resource is right here on WP. I had an experience (well, actually I’ve had many) that I need to write about so that it doesn’t happen to other people who are on the medication that causes it. According to NAMI, 30-50% of people on ANY type of antipsychotic, be it first or second generation, if they take it for over a decade, they have a 30-50% chance of getting a permanent neurological disorder that’s called “Tardive Dyskinesia.” Nice. I know. It happened. And I was the ‘hot potato’ that no one wanted to help…or have anywhere near.


The whole damned thing is not attractive but I learned a ton of stuff in the three years I searched the world for symptom control.

There’s a hell of a lot more things you can do to lower your odds than to simply not take the medicine. But that’s why I want to write the book. I made a couple videos for IBPF (international bipolar disorder foundation) and they need a wider audience. People who are concerned or worried or who have the problem will find me, believe me. I just need to get the book out there. I’m fine with self publishing. I’m fine with offering a free downloadable product too but don’t know if I can afford to do it that way. I just read today that a badly ‘formatted’ book hurts sales. I don’t even know about what this ‘formattting’ stuff is. Who does? Are there people out there who (unlike Authorhouse and other self publishing firms) can guide you through Amazon “Create Space?” If there are, please, let yourselves be known. Once I get the first one done, I have many more books in me. I finally broke down and told my husband I need him on ‘my team,’ as he’s really technologically intelligent.

Recently I visited the Youtube channel where my videos is and saw it had gotten 300 views. Of the twenty comments, 80% of them had been on the same atypical antipsychotic as I had been. There’s something there, believe me.

Words of the Day-Finally made the time to look up

Does anyone find a lack of time, or overbusiness to explore other curiosities and interests?  Learning new things is said to be good for depression, so I do it, and am a normally curious person depressed, normal, or manic.


Finally sat down w/my list of words I saw and pledged to index

to find out what they mean. I mean, I see them over and over again and sort of go ‘uh huh’ with a general gist but I truly want to know what they really mean. I’m such a geek I travel around with a pocket dictionary in my little kate spade (so cheap only 40.00 at the outlet mall..)

analogous…comparative in a way that makes clear. Like if you notice one day that you are picking up some traits of a parent that you don’t particularly rmember fondly but by comparing them and seeing suddenly how it’s so clear that the trait has been passed down.

bellwether…I thought this meant a ‘predictor’ and it sort of does…it refers to the lead sheep in a pack of them following the one in front.

dehiscense…this has to do with a surgical complication where the stitched up wound reopens and is common in obesity, post op swelling or infection or moving around too much, like being active too soon after surgery. It also is seen in diabetics (shudder…I’m prediabetic from years of atypical antipsychotics like Seroquel and Clozaril that I must take)….oh well, redouble my efforts clean up diet again!

anomaly, different than the norm or expected

plebescite…this term has resurfaced since Judge Scalia died and I see why. It has to do with a vote for or against upholding the constitution or other canon.

and finally quixotic…this means to be idealistic or overly optimistic about something.

This egghead is going to go watch TV. Back next week with another boatload of words seen in the New York Time.


Vinyl…I knew the news was bad, but not that bad…Personnel changes included in the carnage


Ok, this is NOT a picture of Bobby Cannavale as Richie Finestra, in Vinyl, a show about a record company executive struggling to stay solvent ande relevant in a rapidly evolving punk rock scene in 1970’s NYC. \

(This photo is from Boardwalk Empire when he played “Gyp Rosetti,’ a violent Sicilian newcomer to the Atlantic City Bootlegging game run by Nucky Thompson…played by Steve Buscemi-I just like this  Bobby Cannavale photo better, plus I have a soft spot for gangsters).

Both shows had Terence Winter at the helm, who also was behind HBO’s breakthrough “The Sopranos.”  I knew from the silence there was a problem with ratings for their new show, “Vinyl.’ I just didn’t think it had come to personnel changes. But it has.

Veteran show runner Terence Winter has either been fired or stepped down on his own. Someone new has been hired. I don’t care who.

The show is great. It’s just not ‘formulaed up’ as per what makes a ratings winner. It’s not all tight and ‘pat,’ like “The Good Wife,” “Scandal” or “Madam Secretary.” And you probably can’t change that.   First of all,  Cannavale’s character is hard to root for as he more than sows the seeds of his own destruction (before you get into the collateral damage of his wife,  kids, co-workers he’s taking down with him and musicians on his roster.

And the deal with the cocaine and booze….watching him relapse…I relate and I remember. I  had a huge problem with cocaine and by the time I started ‘quitting’ and relapsing…a process that took ten years and involved many separate ‘years’ of clean time….it just wasn’t fun anymore. I was paranoid all the time and still couldn’t stop for good. Despite the legal problems, constant paranoia and eventual loss of a driver’s license. Time to leave LA.

Cannavale’s character in Vinyl, is still having a blast every time he has one.

We like him, but we don’t totally root for him. Cannavale is doing a great job, but when you’re aiming for gritty realism and a sense of verite, which I think the producers are/were, you can’t always make a show ratings happy.


So, it’s not good enough to have a realistic, credible, disturbing good time. You gotta put pressure on ’em to come up with a ratings winner too? This ruins everything. Apparently, at the network,  a good time is NOT being had by all, Mick Jagger and Martin Scorcese included.

Hypomania disorganization


I realized yesterday there is a project I have been working on for four months. It’s a story I haven’t heard anywhere else that needs to be told. I have pitched it two places and got ignored. Then there is this other thing I want to do, which is to write a pamphlet uploaded and free to the public. I don’t want to lay out any expenses for this either, though. It’s a helpful, informational and story of how I struggled for symptom relief for Tardive Dyskinesia and finally got it and what I learned along the way. It was 25 docs, some of them psychiatrists, some of them movement disorder specialists who said it was psychosomatic…well I have two projects going at the same time because I am hypomanic. I have to settle myself down and do one thing at a time instead of grabbing at everything that ignites my curiosity and/or passion.

Bipolar Listomania Shocker

Who Would You like jammed down your throat? A superficial “list” article, Donald Trump (who drove the media towards tabloidy coverage), or Miss Allison Strong. Hmmm. None of the above. Just as we thought.

womens worlddonaldallicat


This has tough for her because she thinks if people who have bipolar disorder want to be taken seriously, then a neatly arranged body of factoids with nothing to back them up, is horrendous. She has lost one publisher (that she even knows) for expressing her disturbance at the amount of mental health content being dealt with too lightly with “National Enquirer” type lists. Here is the link to the gutsy pulication,, who allowed Allison to stick her neck out (she does that regularly) and prove why these lists aren’t always appropriate or productive. Here’s the link: I hope you become part of the electoral process.

Let us know if you think we, too should can her ass by commenting, ‘unliking’ etc in the comments section below

Link to al’s story on, willing 2 print “Listomania Shocker,” a litany on lists in list format no less

trumpoprahPhoto of a photo

…Actually, it’s your turn to Vote.

The blue link below is Allison Strong’s last hurrah, her litany on the widespread, ever growing list format for all articles for all occasions.  (You’d never write one about a funeral, right? That would not be PC.(Like she’d know about that? Heheh)

This is ‘supermax’ multiple choice, one, two all or none of the below. It’s called ‘supermax’ for reasons, you’ll see when you click and open the link.

Who or what would you rather have crammed down your throat, The Donald,  a surefire “How to lose 20 pounds in three days,” or Allison Strong, who is trying to start a revolution or at least create awareness as we click our way into oblivion. Lists are almost like watching TV. Very little thought required.


We’ve created a default setting in publishing. The owners of the media think, based on the obsene comparative metrics on clicks that everything automatically goes in format UNLESS there’s a grassroots movement as mentioned in the article linked to this link.

From horses mouth…the women does more than write…she speaks!!

Come on…   What’s one more click gonna matter in a world of primitive wrist reflexes? At least read what she has to say…..or be condemned to lists forevermore….. the link, once again, click and be a hater but at least click for me:

This is why we have elections and strive for a democratic process, to make people aware of what’s at stake. Recently I read 29 things you’d like to say to your illness and mentioned was this stony wish: “Stop killing me and my friends.” It just…..I don’t know. I started barking and just couldn’t stop. But I will now. You’ll either click or you won’t. I admit to being sort of a nonclicker but now that I hear facebook has a frownie emoji I might find myself clicking all day long.