Cat- Astrophe Solved!

She was missing. She is mute. We couldn’t find her. We used DBT to think, “Ok, what’s the worst case scenario?” Mike thought she had gotten out. She’s cute enough (a delicate calico kitten) someone might want to keep her for their own. I was pretty sure she was either hiding or trapped in the house. Mike was SURE she was NOT in the house. In the end, we opened one of his sock drawers and she jumped out. God were we ever relieved!!!!


Are you at risk of Tardive Dyskinesia? Find out now.

You know that rapidly rattled off disclaimer “Call your doctor if you experience involuntary repetitive movements as these are serious and may become permanent.”

No shit, Sherlock. This International Bipolar Disorder Story has some of the stuff the doctors won’t tell us. The TD causing meds developed for schizophrenia are now being used for mainstream, run of the mill, non mental ill concerns such as anxiety, adhd, insomnia, cancer and anorexia (stimulate appetite) depression, and bipolar disorder, so you might be on one of the drugs that’s whitewashed as something else and be at risk. The drug companies don’t exactly advertise they’re selling reformulated Thorazine. Antipsychotics.

Be safe. Be sure.


Cyberbully ‘Kelti’ on bipolar support bulletin board MD Junction

Maybe because I speak up for those who don’t have a voice, I kick up more dust than the average slug crawling around the internet but this was a big one. I ended up in tears. How did they get to me? How did this ‘Kelti’ get a bully pulpit into my life? I was confused. It must have happened like this:

I DID A Google search on new antidepressants, for mine had stopped working.  The first research result was an Advertisement a company that pays extra money to be at the very top of search results on Google. It looked good, it looked like it offered new ideas on medicine for bipolar, and I, ever the newbie, wandered in to a place I thought would be safe. Boy was I wrong!

First of all, they had strict rules they had not clearly posted. I must have broken one.

Two distressed people had just posted questions about TD.   “ I think I have Tardive Dyskinesia, I’m scared.  What should I do?”   or,  “I’m on three antipsychotics for ten years now, will I get Tardive Dyskinesia too?” I felt for them.  I Wanted to reassure and inform them on new treatments, symptom management, even the charities that help with expensive new drugs.  So I told the brief version of my trouble with TD, and its’ happy ending at a movement disorder center in Gainesville.

An Angry GL (group leader) named K jumped in, threatening to ‘Ban’ me from the group, accusing me of frightening her members, causing trouble and making them  upset and angry. She said I was breaking all of MD Junction’s rules about self- promotion. She said I was bashing antipsychotics, a drug that we all need and a type of drug I truly benefit from. I didn’t mention one single drug.  Anyway, I didn’t realize she was a dictator, never to be argued or reasoned with.  She told me to ‘change my posts’ or else. I never saw these rules. They R Not Prominently Displayed.This would have Helped.

This group leader, K, went on and on about how she had to stop taking Seroquel due to weight gain. What kind of message is that sending to females?  Isn’t that a sort of bashing of meds? Is she following these rules? I think not. I withdrew and watched from an distance and there was little or no traffic on their site.I wondered how business was.

Two other members of MD junction supported me publicly and said that I should be able to say what’s on my mind. I got several PM’s to return to the group because “spring is coming” and “things will be different now, you’ll see. Please come back. You have so much to offer. There was a suicidal guy posting and I suggested that he write and gave him two links of places looking for mental health bloggers.

I told him that I was writing for NAMI and IBPF and both places are always looking for new writers. THAT WAS IT. KELTI FLEW IN ON HER BROOM AND SAID, “YES ALLISON, I REMEMBER YOU AND YOUR PASSIVE- AGGRESSION VERY WELL. You are still promoting yourself and you’ve made no friends here. YOU HAVE NOW BEEN BANNED.

Videos for Bipolar with Healthline, IBPF and Astrazeneca

I just finished shooting and editing my video for bipolar disorder. You’ll have the link to the file as soon as I do. For every vid that is uploaded to the following site, the sponsors will match 10.00 My vid has music and a lot of movement. But not all good videos need such. There are good ones up on there already. It’s going on until December of this year, so you have plenty of time.

·         This is another online campaign happening at Healthline’s website:

·         Submit a video of encouragement for those who have been recently diagnosed with bipolar disorder

·         Healthline is donating $10 to IBPF for each video

·         Goes until DecemberChickencoop - Copy

International Bipolar Foundation this mo

I’ve had bipolar relapses 20 times in my 25 years since my dx. I’ve learned that not everything is a negative, so at their request, I wrote this short artcle for IBPF. Let me iknow, please if the link doesn’t work.

Horse pictured is Floral Countess, a gift from my boyfriend Bobby Frankel, who bought it off the late Martin Ritt for 50,000. Bobby wanted to get married from the moment he met me…but it didn’t work out because he didn’t want a career girl. He wanted to be the only star. Tell Bethenny. She’ll probably relate to that.