1st Literary Agent Rejection Letter-Is it A Form letter? You tell me what U think!



I recently did a public speaking event on my topic (Tardive Dyskinesia awareness, prevention, treatment and my experience with it) at the American Psychiatric Association (APA)’s annual shindig in New York City. The first manuscript of my book is not yet finished, but since so many literary agents are in New York, especially the city, I figured I’d send my colorful flyer with color picture and a sample of my work, 3 short chapters. Eventually, I’ll get around to ‘test marketing’ those on here. I reached out to 12 agents and five publishers. I got one agent auto-reply from a lady at a mid-level firm, and I got this one from a rep at Folio, one of the top ten literary agencies, (from what I can tell) BTW, Both of these literary reps expressed an interest in medicine/health/current affairs and psychology.  My work falls squarely into all three, plus women’s health and women’s issues, since Tardive Dyskinesia affects women 2-4.5 times more often as it does men. It also prefers minorities. Anyway, here’s my very first letter of rejection ……………..

Dear Allison,
I want to thank you personally for giving me the opportunity to read your work. I understand the querying process can be difficult at times, and want you to know how seriously we consider each project we receive at Folio. I am sorry to say, though, that unfortunately I do not have a place on my current list to take this on.
Please keep in mind that every agent has different tastes and sensibilities and more or less bandwidth to take on new projects at any given time.  And this is a crazily subjective business. What does not work for one agent may work perfectly for another, and I encourage you to continue your search for someone to champion your work, and trust you will find the agent (or publisher) your work absolutely clicks with.
Please know I wish you all the best,



Cat- Astrophe Solved!

She was missing. She is mute. We couldn’t find her. We used DBT to think, “Ok, what’s the worst case scenario?” Mike thought she had gotten out. She’s cute enough (a delicate calico kitten) someone might want to keep her for their own. I was pretty sure she was either hiding or trapped in the house. Mike was SURE she was NOT in the house. In the end, we opened one of his sock drawers and she jumped out. God were we ever relieved!!!!


Making Friends with other Writers…hopefully people NOT in ‘The Program’ (No offense)

I mean to go to some of the literary events in my backyard here in South Florida. There are a ton.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve made 6 false starts on a book. I have half written books all over my desktop. I’m using them as source material and am 9 chapters and 30k words into a 28 chapter book. And I freelance!!!

This is all fine and well if you don’t mind being alone, but I’m a social animal. I truly love people.

For a long time, AA was a ready stand-in for a social life…hell, you can talk about anything with AA’ers (except bipolar or meds for same) as long as you don’t pick up that drink!

Finally, I realized I don’t belong there and left. I can count the amount of friends I have on one finger and they’re all from AA and struggling with their disease. Oddly, I don’t relate. I understand, but don’t relate because alcohol itself has never been my demon.  I’m plagued with bipolar/eating disorder/tardive dyskinesia/metabolic syndrome/ and hunger for friends who aren’t plagued with problems like these.

So, this is being addressed in DBT therapy. There are 4 modules in DBT, ‘Mindfulness,’ ‘Distress Tolerance,’ ‘Interpersonal Effectiveness’ and ‘Emotional Regulation.’

They have a shitload of teachings on ‘how to meet people and have them like you.’ Things like cutting back on TMI, an overall prohibition on apologizing for yourself, etc.,

I can clearly see how some of my behaviors from the time I was a child have put me into the isolation jackpot I’m in today.

I’m a work in progress. I always was. I always will be. The difference now is, I know it.


The USA Legal Show ‘Suits’ is charging for new episodes?

Cord cutters of the world unite!


Even though the premise of a false Harvard Law Graduate is weak, we really like the show Suits. The above is a picture of Megan (sp) Markle, who happens to be Prince Harry’s girlfriend/fiance and is stellar in the show. Apparently the British Paparazzi, who can be really vindictive, took issue with Prince Harry having a relationship with someone who is biracial. Unbelievable.

The last time we went to Xfinity to see the most current episode of Suits, it said “purchase” for 1.90. per episode. We are wondering if this is a mistake or if Xfinity is becoming greedy and we should dump it.

Comedy as Therapy



Even if I’m the only one to get the joke. It still works wonders. There is this guy who blogs for bphope.com, where I blog. His name is Dave Mowry and he self published a  book “No, Really, We Want You To Laugh” and it’s about a movement called SMH, “Standup for Mental Health.”

So the next thing I know, I’m going through my pile of ‘possibles’ possible stories, and marking some of them with a big black sharpie H, for humor. Then I wrote a humorous blog for my editor. She did NOT get the joke. It was called “Bipolar Disorder: I’ll fight your battles if you fight mine” and I had this one bit about how we all have different brain chemistry. “If I take your antidepressant, it might put me to sleep! I love sleep. It’s especially helpful when I’m operating heavy machinery, like my tractor.

” I’ll have to see how your antidepressant affects me before I text on my cell,” My publisher was NOT amused. I still think it’s funny, I just don’t know what to do, how to retool and resend it somewhere.

Any ideas fellow writers?

Locked out of email due to Microsoft Mandatory ‘get on board’ changes.



Last night nearly impossible to get in my email since Microsoft has this new ‘organizing’ platform they want us to ‘create account’ or ‘log into’

They think I have an hour or so to figure this out.  I don’t.

For my friends whom I contact through email, I’m so sorry.

Maybe being cut off of email for a day or two is a blessing of sorts.


Wells Fargo Ad Hardly Hilarious



Has anyone else seen these pastoral images of surety in full page apology ads and found it odd?

I wonder if the ad agency got the memo. They have to come up with something new. Like a photo of their entire management team bowed in supplicatio. Seriously. Horses?

They use these horses and talk about how sorry they are that they betrayed our trust.

They should have pictures of their entire sales team bowed in supplication showing how sorry they are they got caught.



On the farm in Lexington Kentucky (family visit) w/3 sizes of clothes


Even tho I packed really carefully, when I landed I had slacks that fell off my butt and dresses I could not zip up. We are going to a fancy equestrian party tonight and luckily I had a stretchy maxi dress. I have gotten sloppy w/food, not lifted weights as much as I should and right now, sugar and carbs have ahold of me.  My AIC, which I worked on lowering for four months, has risen w/the 12 lb I gained (all in one place). It’s hard not to feel like my life is out of control right now. Alot of our activities while visiting Dad center around food and drink. And on the subject of ‘out of control,’ I forgot to plan for the weather. I brought too many coats and not enough shorts.

But look at this horse. Do you think he likes me any less for any of that? Of course not. He is a horse, of course, of course.

My friend Dyane, finally on “The Huffington Post” (not 4 lack of trying, either)….a lesson 2 reach higher

I could not be prouder of my friend Dyane

In a lot of ways she reminds me of me. Not easily deterred. Dedicated to the point where people realize she’s not going away and they are going to have to deal with her and her message. So now, after seven tries, she finally is published by these people in a place called “The Blog” Let’s all visit and show our support by commenting, liking, bla bla so that we, the little people, can help one of our own get bigger5.

My 1st Huffington Postpartum Bipolar Article/Call for Support!


Greetings, and Happy Spring!!!

Thanks to those of you who read my last birthday post & for wishing me and Lucy a happy birthday! Your beautiful words made my day extra-special! Lucy was spoiled rotten…although what else is new?

On a separate note, some of you know I’m shameless when it comes to promoting postpartum bipolar disorder awareness.

I’d be SO GRATEFUL if you could take time to visit my debut Huffington Post article (this is the link) and “like” it, comment, & maybe share it with your  Facebook pals, oh my!

As far as comments are concerned, almost anything goes, i.e. – “I didn’t know about this form of bipolar – thanks for opening my eyes!” or whatever you like. I ask for your help because the more feedback I get, the better leverage I have with the editors to publish future posts about bipolar and postpartum-related issues. 

Sadly, you must have a Facebook account in order to comment & like, which is a big bummer, but if you use Facebook, you’d be putting it to noble use in the name of PPBD awareness! 😉 

Here’s the link and a BIG thanks to each & every one of you for your support!