Why Press on? Because you could be the cure you’re looking for.

Bipolar: Why press on? Bcause, you could be the breakthrough in…

Towing the Bipolar road, is, for most of us, tolerating the that we ‘never get ‘well,’ having to be satisfied with better or worse. We never are cured or become ‘undetectable.’

Sometimes it sure isn’t fun,  abstaining from alcohol and  recreational drugs, keeping journals, curbing our enthusiasm for online shopping, and especially, slamming the breaks and truly taking the time to evaluate a mate for their ability to be supportive should we crash.  We don’t always do this, but I married a man who left me because “He didn’t want to be married to a woman with bipolar disorder.” It we act on one impulse, we pay for it with the other impulse, the impulse to be safe.

Equally difficult to balance is mindfulness without self focus or selfishness.  I fail at this often and am often rejected socially, labeled an ‘intense’ personality. (That’s one reason that I chose Allison Strong as a radio name, you either ‘get’ me or you don’t. It worked in radio, my ratings were high due to polarizing people, in life it don’t work so good. In fact it hurts like hell.)

Then there’s the bitter pill of the limitations, the hard work, the mood swings (especially the depressions),  when the meds just stop working, the subsequent waiting rooms, and the weeks where I have three or four doctor’s appointments and scream with psychic overload. And you want me to add a therapist on to that overload???? Are YOU high?

What keeps me from flipping the switch to ‘off’? (Partly because once I do that, there is no return. So I stay where I’m at, the loser I am..staying out of fear of the unknown. God I crave a drink right now.

And, because, you, me, or anyone else could be the breakthrough, the outcome, the coping strategy, discovery or treatment in  bipolar disorder that we’ve all been hoping and waiting for.  If I take that drink or flip that switch I’ll never know. For all I know, I might become famous. But I’ll never know if I kill myself. Ooops trigger warning.

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Abilify and Latuda, they are antipsychotics too!

I have noticed that two new antipsychotics advertise themselves as being helpful for depression and never mention that they are in the antipsychotic class. For every year of use the rate of Tardive Dyskinesia is 5%. After a decade of use, Antipsychotics carry a 30-50% chance of Tardive Dyskinesia according to NAMI and other sources. Tardive Dyskinesia can be difficult to treat. I have had it since 2007. The drug companies should stop misleading people and telling lies of omission regarding their latest and greatest antipsychotics. Yes, they may help with depression, but they are not antidepressants. They are mostly given to people with Schizoaffective disorder and Schizophrenia until lately. Yes, they are a quick fix, but one that can come with a price.

The rejection of the video for the “You’ve got this” campaign. None of us should have been rejected.

Perhaps I overvalue the i mportance of my voice as a healthy survivor of this illness. I made this video for this “you’ve got this” campaign, Like most of the vids submitted, I never received a receipt or evaluation was just ignored. Finally got a hold of Healthline who claimed that my vid was great except in the title I mentioned the name of a sponsor and my blog at the end. With 25 years of living through this and a short upbeat video with a few edits of me chopping raw fruit, exercising, organizing my meds, going to my pharmacy and saying how important it is to have one who cares, as well as a good doctor and compliance, well, I think Healthline is just making excuses for not choosing to display it. Maybe because it had edits and a little music, it was too different than the rest if the sad, overlong video selfies with bad lighting and worse ambient noise. If they wanted to display our efforts, They could have easily cropped out the stuff, like the title, (which isn’t even part of the video,) had they wanted it. It’s interesting that when a campaign promoting self- value is created, we all get ignored  except the 12 they display, and we all said very personal stuff on our vids. They have the technology, they could have archived,line by line, all the acceptable vids they received and notified those who made errors or had conflicts of interest. I do want to do more than just write blogs…I have a lot of experience in public speaking and copywriting and am hungering to learn Utube movie making technology so I can have my own self reliant channel. Then I won’t depend on drug company magazines to display my value as a mental health advocate. Ouch. Remind me not so sign up for rejection again.

Videos for Bipolar with Healthline, IBPF and Astrazeneca

I just finished shooting and editing my video for bipolar disorder. You’ll have the link to the file as soon as I do. For every vid that is uploaded to the following site, the sponsors will match 10.00 My vid has music and a lot of movement. But not all good videos need such. There are good ones up on there already. It’s going on until December of this year, so you have plenty of time.

·         This is another online campaign happening at Healthline’s website: http://www.healthline.com/health/bipolar-disorder/youve-got-this

·         Submit a video of encouragement for those who have been recently diagnosed with bipolar disorder

·         Healthline is donating $10 to IBPF for each video

·         Goes until DecemberChickencoop - Copy