Leaving this link got me banned from a Facebook site…what gives?????



The site was “I went to Rancho Santa Fe elementary school” (North San Diego County, just east of Del Mar.

The Admin reminder was ‘we want to be nostalgic, swap stories and keep things light.’

Most of the time, I did exactly that. I told some whoppers about listening to Dr. Demento, throwing oranges at cars and seeing Rocky Horror Show when it opened in London’s “West End,” their “Broadway.” Our teacher was scandalized but we were in the same row all the way across the theatre and there was no way she could get us out of there when Tim Curry started doin’ the can can “I’m a sweet Transvestite From Transylvania….uh huh”

The attention I got as a story teller and a published writer made people angry.

On my final visit (under someone else’s name) I asked,

“So when my book about growing up in the Ranch is released you don’t want to know about it?

Anyway, here’s what got me banned. maybe somebody felt guilty



Swimming With Sharks at Stanford


I went to Stanford on a Volleyball Scholarship. The elitism and exclusivity of this University, Stanford University, forms a bond like no other.  I never felt it. But it exists and I think it’s why this Stanford graduate judge gave the Stanford Scholarship Swimmer who’s been convicted of sexual assault a huge break.

Instead of 6-10 years, a standard sentence, his six months is being knocked down to three months.

Stanford-Stanford. I wasn’t a straight A student, president of the student body, multilingual chemist, ok, strive as I might. I’m a slow learning with racing thoughts, being bipolar, hypomanic within ‘well’ cycles, if you call them that.

This swimmer who possibly drugged and assaulted a semi conscious young woman is unconscionable.