Words….Inc…Trying to get in Miami Herald these days….


The most new words I come across are in the New York Times Book Review. Last night I stayed up until 2am catching up with past issues. Trying to get published in Miami Herald, a tough nut to crack. I’m on my fourth submission. Waiting, reading, evaluating what gets published in place of my stuff. It’s humbling, isn’t it?

Paucity: The presence of something in insufficient amounts, small, not enough.

Meritocratic: Power or political office based on ability, credentials, education. (….NOT!)

Impunity: Exempt from punishment (in AA’s “Big Book” they mention those who drink with impunity)

Madrasas: College with instruction in all things Muslim. Maybe they send young women there. Gotta check on that

More words I thought were the opposite of what they mean…

AlLiliPulPinkAllison Biszantz Aka “Strong”

Here are this weeks words.


Prosaic…completely unromantic, commonplace. And here I thought it mean profound or prolific.

Canard…an unfounded rumor or story. (I thought it was French for Duck like you have in the restaurants..well done and crispy please)

Rapprochement: re-establishing harmonious or co operative relations…this probably releated to Brexit and EU response. That’s why I’d never seen it.

Lapidary: this is both a noun and adjective. Adjective…an engraver. Noun, something said that’s elegant, concise, deserves to be written in stone.


How about this one??? The innocent are haunted and the haunted are innocent?  Where’s my headstone??? Bipolar Disorder a crowded field. If all I end up being is the poster girl for the grisly side effect of Tardive Dyskinesia and related challenges like Stigma, that’s more than enough for me, thanks for reading.



Heres start of A Medicare Report of Abuse .. Stigma, both racial, socioeconomic and bipolar



Hey you guys…I just wrote this up. A formal complaint of long term abuse I endured by Quest laboratories over a seven year period because I was ashamed, cowed and didn’t think I deserved better. They almost succeeded in denying me my critical lab services to get my most important mood stabilizer. They are NOT going to get away with it. I may be one of the ‘little’ people but I’m “mad as hell and not going to take Stigma any more.”

Local Lab Chain’s Long Term Abuse, shame shame shame on YOU@!



To: Medicare’s Beneficiaries and Family Centers Care and Quality Improvement Center for quality Improvement Organization.

Re: Systemic and local problem in my seven years as a monthly client of Quest Labs, 3343 Sheridan Street Location, Hollywood, Florida. 33021-3606. (the last four digits of zip were hard to read).

This long letter, I’m sorry but there’s a lot to cover, chronicles a litany of abusive treatment, jeapordy of my health, healthcare and access to a most critical medication by one of your providers.

It’s a case of stigma, and if you get to page 8 you’ll see the ‘diversity in reverse’ racial discriminatory aspect as well. I don’t come out and say who’s what color but I do remember distinctly a conversation I had with the supervisor whose name is Augusta.  You’ll be able to see this sad scenario in full blown Technicolor. But there are other types of stigma, abuse, and discrimination as well. A systemic aspect infecting all aspects of the corporation. It can’t continue. You must be informed of this so it doesn’t happen to anyone else.

(I will be sending this to better business bureau, chamber of commerce and any other regulatory agencies I can find too. ‘

Do you want to hear the rest of it?  Let me know.

If you want their number it’s 844-455-8708

Trauma, Drama Weaks of the Word (Words of the Weak)



The thing with my BFF getting me locked up by calling the cops on me, my ongoing chronic pain, the fallout after my BFF called my father and told him lies about drug abuse on my husband’s part…so much to deal with in a short amount of time.

Then I called Medicare to find out if the blood lab had violated Medicare law by denying me service by using the reverse diversity hostile stall technique. And I filed a formal complaint with an agency you might be interested in if you are on Medicare or have family who is.

The Medicare Beneficiary Centers for Care and Quality Improvement. I wrote them a 7 page letter; reflecting the litany of abuse I took over a seven year period but if you really need to unload you can leave them a detailed message. 844-455-8708.  I’m following through on this one, even though reliving it’s a nightmare. I sure wish their was an agency I could use to deal with for my former BFF.

So many ideas for stories but I am so close to the material that I must just jot down phrases and ideas and wait for some time to pass. Do you guys know what I mean?

This piece of paper that has all my new words on it is my way of normalizing much of my life. I don’t even know what day it is, let alone what weekend to program this for so I’ll just do it for today ok?

abjure (in reference to saying now to interviews) solemnly renounce.

Numinous  of Divinity or Sacred

Palindromic: a Word that reads the same back and forth.

Trogladyte (used to describe Trump) People who used to live in caves. Paleo.

Wonkish ( I think I’ve done this one before) Nerdy.

Poujadist extremist conservative movement in France, the emphases being on protecting their assets. This would apply to certain 1%ers.


Not enough weeks for words of the weak!

Here we go.


Glossolalic: This was a word in the New York Times article about Diamanda Galas. (pictured above) It means the gift of tongues, which I think I mean speaking in tongues in her music. She’s one of a kind, truly. Using her art for activism. No matter how ugly it got.

And I worked for the only alternative radio station to play her. She made album with John Paul Jones of Led Zepplin and they toured.

Atavistic: reverting to the past or ancestral, like our instincts or fear.

Incipient: Beginning to happen, initial stages of becoming something. A Groundswell.

Unalloyed: Usually referring to metals, gold, silver but in a person it means unreserved.

Parenteral. This has to w/medicine, particularly as I investigate why buprenorphrine is not available and why ..whatever. …what it means is that you take it in a different way than swallowing a pill. This is a good thing and less damaging to the liver and digestive tract, which has to break it down. Unfortunately, these types of administrations are only employed late in the game, after the patient’s liver or kidneys have failed.

Gerrymandering: It’s a political thing, means to push, manipulate the boundaries. They are all doing that, in my opinion. The candidates.


Words of the Weak

This is the character of Richie Finestra, the head of American Century Records and his new imprint “alibi” in Scorcese/Jagger HBO show “Vinyl” which is suffering bad ratings. But that’s another matter. It’s not neat and tidy enough for people to like. Not networky enough. Beautiful disaster of a show.


“Pastiche” (heard in the context of a criticism on this show) cheesy imitations of previous art.

“Opprobrium” (seen in an article about disgraced politico Sheldon Silver) a harsh criticism that will follow him for life.

“Siphyphean” Comes from a story about a Job like biblical character who had to roll a heavy stone up to the top of a mountain only to see it come rolling down. This came from a critique of HBO’s Veep and the new season-how Julia Louis-Dreyfuss comes soooo close to power and the presidency but never quite gets it.

“Abstruse” (context of presidential campaign) difficult to understand.

Learning new things is supposed to improve our moods. All of us. not just bipolar people.

Words of the Week (Weak)



I read a lot. I’ve worked it out into my workout routine and before sleep. I see words in contexts of stuff that I don’t know and look them up because I love words ….I used to win spelling bees and latin greek root word contests…and the latin greek root words are the basis for medicalese which explains why I got a full scholarship for a year long course in Medical Transcription.


So here they are. In an article about blue whales, the biggest creature we have ‘cetacean’ meaning: a distinctive, large sea creature.

In some political article I saw “Clemencies” just to be sure I looked and it means act of mercy.

I keep seeing the term Archipelago with reference to the Red Sea and South China Sea. It means a sea or stretch of water with a lot of islands.

Then there was this article about failing US infrastructures “Megapolis” it means a large urban area that in this article they were talking about regions of commerce and the needed transportation to make them stronger, more productive. Like the Cascadian Corridor which is the Pacific Northwest all the way up to Canada or the region of Detroit into Windsor Canada.

see ya next time, troublemakers.