I Read Scott Weiland’s (Stone Temple Pilots singer songwriter) book



albumcoverI just finished Scott Weilands’ (former singer-songwriter for Stone Temple Pilots) memoirs.


Alcohol- being a self confessed, resigned to his fate drunk was his last vice and it’s what ultimately led him back to crack, which he felt cocaine as an evil drug that conjured up negative forces (I concur with that it happened to me in the 80s).


He had congenital cardiomyopathy, his brother died of crack and cardiac arrest and so did he.


This guy was a poet. His lyrics didn’t make sense but they did. And so many of his lyrics were about ‘selling out.’


“I’m not dead and I’m not for sale.”

“What’s real and what’s for sale.”


He married a supermodel who was also a drug addict and bipolar but to bear children she needed to stay straight, which she did.


She left him and was interviewed in bipolar magazine which is why I thought they would like my story about him.

This Year, the Good, Bad and The Ugly.




I Sent money in the late (brilliant, bipolar musician from Stone Temple Pilots) Scott Weiland’s name to International Bipolar Disorder Foundation to San Diego, (where they are based)  I felt bad when he passed away. I could write a whole book on how the story I wrote about him became my ‘great white whale, an obsession I couldn’t let go of.

In addition,

This year marked the publication of my stuff in a new publication
Bipolar Magazine’s “Bipolarhope.com”http://www.bphope.com/blog/bipolar-disorder-surviving-the-spin-cycle/

Happy Holidays and the best for the New Year.

I’m here if anyone needs me and have a private Facebook group for people with bipolar disorder if they just ask me and look legit I approve them.

It’s “Our Cycles Unite Us” (that’s EZist way to find it.) I want to grow this resource.
Allison Strong

For Music Lovers everywhere, both new music and old!

I’ve waited a month, trying to make time to go music shopping. ITunes doesn’t work on my computer anymore. Spent two hours with ITunes support person, uninstalling, reinstalling, updating, and in the end she couldn’t help me and I broke down in sobs. I’m so upset. I hate computers. There’s always unexpected new updates or applications like Gravatar that we think we must have, and have to spend time learning. Did we budget time for these new things we have to learn? Not. Mike is going to trouble shoot but in the end we will have to have our computer support guy come out, pay him again and see if he can fix. I hate computers and the profiteering techies who keep reinventing the wheel so they can capture or keep their market share. Facebook, Linked In, Twitter, WP and Tumblr….Gravatar (the one I hate the most because it often keeps me from contacting new followers and thanking them.) Boy am I pissed. And now I have to go to the dentist to troubleshoot my front teeth crowns (valued at 1000 each), which keep falling out.

I’ve been to the dentist this year at least 25 times to rebuild my mouth. They can’t get it right. I’m fortunate to have access to the funds for dental work but it’s more time spent at doctors offices if you know what I mean.