Swimming With Sharks at Stanford


I went to Stanford on a Volleyball Scholarship. The elitism and exclusivity of this University, Stanford University, forms a bond like no other.  I never felt it. But it exists and I think it’s why this Stanford graduate judge gave the Stanford Scholarship Swimmer who’s been convicted of sexual assault a huge break.

Instead of 6-10 years, a standard sentence, his six months is being knocked down to three months.

Stanford-Stanford. I wasn’t a straight A student, president of the student body, multilingual chemist, ok, strive as I might. I’m a slow learning with racing thoughts, being bipolar, hypomanic within ‘well’ cycles, if you call them that.

This swimmer who possibly drugged and assaulted a semi conscious young woman is unconscionable.

Bipolar Comorbid Inc. Bipolar Hope Article about the power of Passive Resistance


They’re after me.

Who is that “Strong” Woman behind these pictures? That loudmouth writer, Allison “Strong?”

The fight has gone out. Bipolar Comorbid Inc.  “Too much Information Driving Me Insane” (The Police)

But like Ali, the fire hasn’t left my eyes.

Last night binging “Bloodline” on Netflix, I heard the rock sax sounds of the band “Morphine,” doing a 90’s song, “Sharks Patrol These Waters.”

So looked for and found all my Morphine CD’s.

Predictably, they’re empty.

So are the Steely Dans.  Go. Passive. Again. Find strength in that.

Here’s my new bipolar hope article. Please be kind and click to its’ source, Bipolar Hope, bphope.com

(I’m measured by clicks).



More Scary South Florida residents….jellyfish of many types



There is a link to the companion written Blog as well. And let's not forget to thank Caring Voices Coalition who makes my life possible.

There are lots of sea creatures we share the ocean with. We assume it’s ours but it’s not. We had a huge rash of a nonstinging type of jellyfish wash into shore this week. Everyone got out of the water and freaked out as the purple carcasses littered the beach. They are harmless but spectacular to look at, called “Sailor Jellyfish” for the said on the top of their backs sticking up in the air. We have these other nonstingers called “moon Jellyfish” and they are just a round disc the side of the top of a 16 oz can of tomatoe sauce or something. But we also have purple Man O War show up and all the red ‘danger’ flags go up at Lifeguard stations as these guys have these long, trailing tentacles that have the sting. The sting is not fatal but hurts so badly people wish it was.

Then they get a short time capsule sense of how it feels to have anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder or schizoaffective or schizophrenia or have a horrible degenerative illness like Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, organ failure, Lupus or chronic pain that makes life a hell on earth.  We already know about that.