My BFF and the Movies, one of our pursuits



I have a good friend Clair, who I met at a behavioral center I used to volunteer for. She and I have much in common. One of the things we like is good movies. We’re not into big action adventures, animated, big budget stuff–we have an affinity for the little films about little people accomplishing big things, like the new Turkish Film “Mustang.” We can’t wait. We’ll probably have to see that on DVD.

She also has bipolar disorder and some other stuff, just like me. She has kids and older than I but she even was a disc jockey and programmer If you can believe that!!!!!!!!!!!

We go to the beach once a week. Since Jimmy Buffet build a cheezy Margraritaville resort in downtown Hollywood Beach, robbing us citizens of beach parking, she likes to take advantage of my extra spot across the street from the beach.


we talk about everything under the sun. She lives with her lover (she prefers that term even though they’ve been together twenty years, it clearly delineates him from ‘husband’ status or even ‘significant other.’ Unlike me, she does not confide her health troubles to him. It’s his house, she takes care of him and she doesn’t want to frighten him.

What’s great about the two of them is that they both are former drinkers and now are sober. They don’t believe in AA….just don’t drink. Clair is sure I’m not an alcoholic. Whatever. I don’t drink either but I went back to it briefly. Today it’s really cold here because of the N’orEaster (however that is spelled) so she went to the beach with her lover and they shivered in the cold.

I stayed at home this Saturday and read back issues of the New Times and Doctor Oz’s magazine on health.

David Bowie, R.I.P., You’ll Always be A ‘Hero’ To Me.

“His message was clear. It was cool to be a weirdo or an alien. If the world made room for David Bowie, I’d find a place too.”

Allison reflects on how she has been impacted by David Bowie’s career and passing in her next blog: ‪#‎IBPFblogs‬

When tormented musicians perish I overrelate. It becomes more about me than the departed.

Is Bipolar Disorder a Fad or a trend diagnosis?

Big smile, shorthairclipThere was an article in Bipolar Hope suggesting that being diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder was becoming a fad, a trend in pop culture. There were, in the article, several grouping, some who see it as a gift and others who see it as a curse. It suggested that not all cases are unpleasant and challenging. Boy, did that spark a lot of replies! I’m in between the two groups and have had careers during which my bipolar disorder (well managed with Tegretol, Prozac and Valium) for a decade, well, the breakthrough hypomania helped me as a writer and as a disc jockey. It’s still helping me as a writer! I’m hoping to find a tutur, teacher or coach to help me learn how to edit video footage for vlogs. But with ADHD and poor self esteem, I don’t learn very vase. I’ve also had periods of bipolar depression and mixed moods that I wouldn’t wish upon my worst enemy I think bipolar is over diagnosed in people peeking their head out from underneath the heavy tarp of substance abuse, as if a bipolar diagnosis absolves them of having behaved badly on a number of occasions. I came to this conclusion after moving to Florida and going every day to AA for ten years and meeting people who were just getting off drugs.