The Film “Legend” re London’s Kray Twins: Morrissey would be proud!

Yesterday I saw a British film about the notorious Kray Twins of England’s Gangtster lore called “Legend.”

The same actor played both twins, Thomas Hardy.  Legendary they were. They ran London’s East and West Side. One of the twins was a sociopath, so there was a Steinbeckian  “Of Mice and Men” theme running through the film; where one brother had to look out for and do ‘damage control’ on the other. The sociopathic brother was institutionalized twice for insanity. But sometimes he made more sense than the sane sibling. There was stylized violence cagily fraught with slapstick physical comedy like I’ve never seen.

There was this one scene where members of the House of Lords were photographed in a homosexual orgy with the sociopath and this scandal cemented their place as ‘legitimate’ club and casino owners above reproach.

Then their taste for senseless violence caught up with them.


Violence hasn’t been this funny since  The Three Stooges.
Why do I mention Morrissey? His song, “The Last of the famous international Playboys” was about The Kray Twins. It was like the film, tongue in cheek.