Thanks to Opinionated Man and his support and encouragement


Sometimes the truth hurts. And I was what Jason calls a Lazyass blogger. I think his articles are hilarious. I’ve actually printed and saved them all. He’s given my coverage on Prince and the last minute mission to save his life some reblogs so you can know that something is going on. There’s a drug with indications for pain that they are with holding from us. Making our decisions for us. But I didn’t write this to rant and rave I just wanted to thank Jason for the reblogs and let you know I’m on this story. Tomorrow my story about metabolism comes out and you can find it there as well as here.

Allison Strong

Buprenorphine for pain is it legal or not? Why the restrictions?



I read the conclusions on the studies that Prince’s would-be doctor wrote about his use of Buprenorphrine for pain. It’s been FDA approved for pain, one article said. It’s been around and FDA approved for pain since 1981, another article said, that a doc just needs the regular ol dea certificated to prescribe it ‘off label.’ If it’s FDA approved for pain, then why is that application ‘off label?’  The more I read about this, the more betrayed I feel by my healthcare providers, all of them.  I wrote Prince’s would be doc a letter and poked around the net for providers. This thing stinks. There’s a story here.

The drug was developed in the UK for the treatment of chronic pain in 1971. That’s when our FDA approved it too.  There is a restriction on how many docs can use it. One article said 30 patients at a time and another said 100.00. For addiction, the doc needs a class and special certificate. For chronic pain, as I just said, a regular DEA cert is all any MD, particularly a primary, needs. The transition from one to the other is touchy.

Most of the phone numbers on the net were disconnected and another doctor said that it’s illegal to use buprenorphrine for pain. He was an ass, too. Then I spoke to another practice who uses Buprenorphrine for pain and charges 175 a mo…because in a month’s time, you might need quite a few med adjustments and visits. Another doc charged 350 for first three visits. The price of a tablet of subutex, which is for chronic