Agent search: One up on the SASE..try this-The Self addressed, Stamped Cheesy Post Card!



I used to be in a highly unstable, nomadic profession: Radio The really good non ‘top 40’ stations go off the air all the time (and you could be out of work overnight) because people just want to hear songs they already know. ‘Alternative’ stations often went off the air when owners decided the time was right to flip to Spanish, Country or Sp0rts Talk.


So, when you had a job, the smart thing was to keep your options open and keep  looking for a better one.


But so was everyone else!

The get the drop on the competition…To cut though all the 8×11 manila envelopes mailed to stations every week, I was taught by Mike Halloran at San Diego’s 91X to send my tapes in a regular envelope with a self addressed, STAMPED POST CARD with little statements besides checkboxes.

“You Suck!”

“You’re ok, try me next month”

“Call me on ___days at O’clock” or

“So and so is my assistant, call them at ___day at 0’clock.”

“Call me anytime but 3-7, because that’s when I’m on the air”

“Call the studio line from 3-7 because when I’m on the air it’s the only time I can talk”

And so forth. All they had to is check whichever box…They don’t even have to write anything all they have to do is pop your audition tape in their boombox and make a respond or to ignore. Usually they were so thrilled that someone made it easy for them to preview new air talent they responded.

This is what I’m gonna do in my agent search, with cheesy little Hollywood Beach and Miami Post Cards inserted in the envelopes following up an electronic submission.

I’m going to let you know how it goes!