Indie Pharmacies an Endangered Species…The only kind who understands and cares


I am on a tear to save independent pharmacies being driven out of business. If you read my stuff, you know I have bipolar/tardive/borderline diabetic side effects. When I got tardive my publix of fifteen years bumped me off. My complications were too much for them. I found an indie which is why I wrote this story.




Allison Strong


Mentally Ill Dying in Prison Transport Vans

This is What Riker’s Island Looks from The Sky


rikers island

When I was driving home from my tardive dyskinesia neurologist appointment in Gainesville I read an article that made me shudder. It could be me. Prisoners being driving from one facility to another are at the mercy of untrained people who drive the vans and have more of a trucker mentality. It’s about how many people you can get quickly from one place to another. So they jam the vans, deprive the prisoners of bathroom breaks, etc. When a mentally ill person doesn’t get their meds for three or four days they can decompensate and start babbling loudly or drooling, one person died of Xanax withdrawal.


I thought…’It could have been me.’ I’ve been privileged to have good care and avoid the hospital for seventeen years but when my former bff called the cops on me and told them I was suicidal, I was in a holding area very similar to a county jail. A long time ago, the eighties, I had legal problems re my drug habit and went to jail five times, so I know what I’m talking about.


The problem is the privatization of public prison and jail systems. These people know how to penny pinch but it’s at the expense of those they transport and their human rights.

Medicare Oversight Won’t investigate long term racial, bipolar stigma & abuse by Quest Labs



Allison Strong

I’m Caucasian and the victim of long term reverse diversity. #whiteasianlatinoeurorussiandidImissanyone’s lives matter too!


Who is accountable here????  Intentional errors, no accountability, refused a phone number for a supervisor, critical care denied by stall tactic, Tick Tock. If I don’t get my labs done by the end of the day I’m cut off my life saving medicine. (because of it’s potential side effects)

i have a huge grievance over seven years of abuse and was directed to an agency to improve quality of service. i wrote out a seven page letter including doctors who would confirm the egregious conduct of a particular Quest Diagnostics lab service location and the systemic problem i found among representatives, being denied a number for a supervisor, finding out at the last minute, when I needed service most, not being able to make a payment plan to secure or guarantee my service, if i didn’t get it i wouldn’t get lifesaving medicine. The agency that improves quality of health told me they don’t investigate grievances of laboratories who draw blood for diagnostics. I need help. This abuse can’t go on. I’m on hold with medicare now. They were the ones who sent me to the agency who says they don’t deal with labs. Round and Round I go.

David Bowie, R.I.P., You’ll Always be A ‘Hero’ To Me.

“His message was clear. It was cool to be a weirdo or an alien. If the world made room for David Bowie, I’d find a place too.”

Allison reflects on how she has been impacted by David Bowie’s career and passing in her next blog: ‪#‎IBPFblogs‬

When tormented musicians perish I overrelate. It becomes more about me than the departed.

Gravatar not Mandatory & Keeps people Out!

Did you know that Gravatar actually keeps people out? There is not an email to punch and thank you. I have to go to one of your posts and leave a comment that’s not related to your post so I can respond appropriately. I personally got rid of gravatar as I think it just keeps people out and also because we got sold a bill of goods. We ‘think’ it helps us and that we have to have it. But what it does is put a sterile, distant physical presentation of another social mediaphile’s first impression of you. And you know how important that is. Also, I can’t just automatically ‘follow’ you. One option is to add a tab ‘contact’ and they would click on that tab and get a live email address.
Thanks again for the follow.

Steely Dan Again, I am not the only one in pain and that’s a relief!

“At night you hide from the madman you’re longing to be. But it all comes out on the inside, eventually.”

from “Here at the Western World” on “The Royal Scam?” I’m not sure. But Steely Dan..even tho I’m an alternative/indie chick, will always have a special place in my heart for their hedonism to escape the demons that haunted them. I’m not the only one living with a ghost for a soul.

Bipolar Disorder: Taking My Temperature

Having gone through a bunch of long and short depressive episodes, I got into a terribly self focused habit of waking up and immediately ‘taking my mood temperature’ to see what kind of day I’d have. Rather than think about what I want to get accomplished or who I’d like to lend a hand to, I think about myself. I mean, I think it’s helpful in a way, but it can also lead to spiraling downward, wasting time and diffusing focus on life itself.

I’ve had more than my share of depressions in the last three years. So I got in the habit of living in fear of the next one. But I’ve learned that it’s equally important to be aware of manias because they lead to depressions also.

I’ve also been identifying triggers and they are so many. So many, in fact, that life is a virtual landmine. How to I turn triggers inside out so I see the upside, the growth opportunity for them:?

Partial list:

Too many doctor’s appointments

a critical conversation with my dad that feels like judgement

Family not understanding bipolar or believing it’s a real disease

Weight Gain

Food itself

Not writing enough

Computer malfunctions and forgetting to save my work

Not enough exercise

Having learning difficulties on software programs

Clothes not fitting

Being too busy

Not reading enough

As you can see, if I take these and twist them around it would make for a lot of growth, self forgivement and acceptance. Hey, maybe I might be able to focus on others for a change!

The Emptiness of “Likes”

I don’t ‘like’ it when people ‘like’ my posts. I write my posts because I am reaching out for someone who might be able to help me, someone who has been through it, someone who knows about a book or something better than just a fucking ‘like,’ what good does that do me? What does it tell me? It tells me that you read what I wrote and only had time to ‘like’ it. I have never in my life simply ‘liked’ someone’s post since I’ve been on here. A ‘follow’ or a ‘reply’ I can understand, but ‘likes’ have come to characterize what is wrong with our society today. We don’t have time for each other. Not even a kind word for someone who is suicidal and wondering if it relates, a month later, to Adderall Withdrawal.

The way these cries for help from me on WP are going, I might as well be pissing in the wind, as my best girlfriend says.mommybriefcase