My Op-Ed “War on Drug Companies” Pub’d by S. Florida Sun Sentinel

My opinion is an inflammatory one, getting backlash.

This is the first time I have written about a topic other than bipolar disorder, my goal. It’s also the first time having  an ‘Op-Ed,’  (Opinion-Editorial) published in a big local daily. (Branching out before my books).

Normally I write for (digital wing of “Bipolar Magazine,” “NewLifeOutlook,” and IBPF which is “International Bipolar Disorder Foundation.”



Has anyone heard of that other Kurt Cobain Documentary




Is there a documentary besides “Montage of Heck?”


At my pain doctor’s place there is this really nice lady who does my blood pressure. She’s really young so I was surprised to hear she liked Nirvana. She Said there is an alternate documentary that theorized that Courtney Love, who is still alive and well, killed her husband, not that he committed suicide. Has anyone ever heard of it?


I’m gonna go looking