40 new pain meds in research and development


Recently, the head of a pharma lobbying group spelled PhRMA (Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturing Association) said there are 40 new non-addictive drugs in the pipeline. For those of you who loved Vioxx, there’s a move to bring that back on the market at an ‘Orphan’ drug for Hemophilia, so that might happen too. Guess what else is rumored to be in the works?


Using Suboxone in low doses for chronic pain…no longer ‘off label,’ as it is now. Some people will tell you it’s illegal to use Subox for pain, but it’s not illegal. That’s a myth, promulagated by you know who.

Subox is what they had in mind for Prince, the late entertainer who died of an overdose.

I am not sure if these 40 drugs include abuse deterrent opiods for pain, like that new waxy compound that only melts at 170 degrees farenheight and congeals back to wax once injected, but the heat is on the industry to come up with alternatives to opiods.

I’ve tried injections (10 in all) Vioxx, Physical therapy, meditation, muscle relaxants