We’re all hoping Medicare Privatization happen but it’s Trump, Sessions’ and Ryan’s ‘go to!’

Privatization is the only speedy way to repeal the ACA, clean up the VA so it’s not such an eyesore, maintain nursing homes, provide health insurance…hell we even pay private correctional companies to run our jails.  We also pay private companies to administer subpar healthcare to prisoners.

In Florida a sixteen million dollar price scheme was discovered by a Senator Richardson, who took the time to go investigate all the ‘contract prison’ locations. He asked, as is his right, to inspect receipts for services provided (and billed for) “The exorbitant prices just jumped off the page at me!” He said. Privatizing prisons has been determined a failed experiment. Our justice system has decided to phase it out slowly by not renewing contracts as they come up.

We’re tired of hearing reports of prisoners dying needlessly in transport vans, wearing shackles, not given food, water or their prescribed meds.

Amateur mistakes like people being 100% cut off medicine like Xanax or antipsychotics. in privatizated prison, there’s 10x more ‘lockdown’ a sharp increase in contraband and unprecedented and recorded extreme use of force.

Who are these employees at the privatized prisons? They obviously aren’t trained, they make less money than government or state correctional institutions pay, the savings they promised aren’t there.  Whatever value they claimed to give us has been WORTHLESS.

More on privatization and health: In nursing homes, agitated patients are overmedicated with the very medications that carry an unacceptably high risk for heart attack and stroke, especially in females over 65. They don’t make their own healthcare decisions and the nursing homes can save on the cost of hiring extra workers to supervise, rather than oversedate our most vulnerable citizens.

Private hospitals….well, take the case of the now defunct Hollywood Pavilion. Oh how I hated Michele, the lady who ran the place. 100 mil Medicare fraud. More Medicare fraud has been reported from private hospitals than public ones.

And we’re going to watch Trump privatize healthcare? Puhleeze.

By the time Trump has egg on his face, he’ll be off in Dubai, doing that ‘deal’ he turned down a few weeks prior.

And yet, I’m so religious about taking my medicine!!!!


After 27 years of this, it gets old. I lay out my meds in my tray, aware I’m just buying time until the antidepressants stop working and I go back to square one to find a new cocktail. I’m not easy to treat but we know what works. I stay with my ‘all cash’ shrink, even though over the years I’ve had ten second opinions (tardive will make you do that in hopes someone, anyone will be able to help) and I’m not impressed with whose out there. Especially the ALF and hospital Hacks. Even their patients don’t like them.

Anyway, I ‘forgot’ to put my Wellbutrin out for a week straight. The tray looked a bit light but I couldn’t figure it out and got distracted day in, day out. Well, it worked, I fell right back in the ditch until I figured it out.

I’m ‘over’ taking medication. You?

End of Year Health and Mental Health Self Advocacy for Allison, finally.



Right now things are cheap. I’ve met all my deductibles and struggled through the donut hole. My medical expenses have become three times as high since I got tardive dyskinesia. So it’s time to get procedures like routine stuff and even colonoscopy type crap out of the way and when it’s 2017, avoid going to the doctor as much as possible. My deductible for meds alone is 300.

The meds for psoriasis 200 mo and that’s in catastrophic…the meds for tardive…copay is 300..These are ‘specialty’ medications. I’m not sure what makes them ‘special’ ….as for the increased med xpenses post Tardive, I have thoughts on this matter but have never gone after a lawsuit. I actually have a better idea. I’m writing a book on it.


The cursor is blinking. Does that mean it’s time?