The Opiate discussion resumes…


In order to swim without pain I wear this blue aqua jogger backwards as a back brace. When I turn my head to breathe, it holds my back still. About now all I can do is swim.

article in New York Times today about how in 2012, the AMA (American Medical Association) shut down a movement to make pain management training mandatory for doctors who write scrips for opiates. Why would they do that? To distance themselves from the problem and thus not be part of the solution?

I have a bad back. Once I had a failed foot surgery due to physician error. My feet had been broken and reset. I was able to work (and walk) for the three years we looked around to try to find out why my bones wouldn’t knit so they could remove the pins. How did I do it? Tylenol #4. Lots of it. When I finally healed, I got right off it. Hate the side effects.

These days, I’ve got a lot of low back herniations, annular tears and disc degeneration from professional sports and exercise bulimia. I’m in excruciating pain. I’ve had ten different types of ‘interventional’ injections to isolate the nerves that hurt and burn them up so they don’t feel until they grow back, which takes a year. Then you have to have your nerves burned all over again. We’ve never been able to have a ‘positive’ result. But we got close. I’d burn my nerves in a heartbeat not to take these meds and deal with the side effects. I use, not abuse. I take vacations to work down my tolerance. I told my doc I only take half of what he gives me and he said, ‘we’ll just keep things the way they are, the more changes, the more scrutiny.’ I was honest, that’s the main thing. And I’m waiting for the day Medicare covers the Coolief Procedure which now costs tens of thousands of dollars. It would help me. For a year. Then I’d have to do it again. I’m waiting. And waiting. And hoping CDC’s Dr Deb Houry, who thinks if we don’t have cancer that we should not have pain relief. InĀ  Massachussets, you can only get a 7 day supply of pain meds. I hope I’m gone before these restrictions appear here in South Florida.