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Actor Bobby Cannavale as the ‘relapsed’ drinker and drunker record company head. I used to be married to one of those.


If you are really into rock, particularly punk stuff like Sex Pistols and latter day Punk like the Ramones, you might want to preset the show ‘Vinyl,’ which focuses on a band called “The New York Dolls.” You may not have heard of them but the lead singer of the band “the smiths,” Steven Patrick Morrissey, he wrote a whole book on them. No one can get ahold of it because it’s out of print and that is how he wants it. It gives him cache and mystery, like the business of his sexuality cloaked in secrecy. He felt it was no one’s affair. Get it? Anyway, download a few New York Dolls songs and I am sure you will like them. They were ahead of their time and not embraced by commercial radio.  The show, with Mick Jagger and Martin Scorcese as the helm, will premier this Sunday night.

Fish food for brain health

Pompano Beach, South Florida

One of the great things about South Florida is this discount wholesaler called Penn Dutch. Their prices are through the roof low low low. Their fish counter is teeming with life.  I swear, they have fresh Chilean Seabass at 12.00 a lb. Crazy. At the regular market it’s almost 30.00 lb.

There is a town north of Hollywood, where I live,  called “Pompano Beach” and I found out that it’s named after the Pompano fish, which you can catch just off the coast across from my house. So I went to Penn Dutch yesterday, bought two whole Pompano Fishes, had them fileted (I don’t cut fish) and made this coconut milk, Thai Chile and Mint Herb soaked Pompano fish 4 first time. It’s actually a hell of a lot better than farmed Tilapia, which tastes just like the dirt pellets they feed it.