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Actor Bobby Cannavale as the ‘relapsed’ drinker and drunker record company head. I used to be married to one of those.


If you are really into rock, particularly punk stuff like Sex Pistols and latter day Punk like the Ramones, you might want to preset the show ‘Vinyl,’ which focuses on a band called “The New York Dolls.” You may not have heard of them but the lead singer of the band “the smiths,” Steven Patrick Morrissey, he wrote a whole book on them. No one can get ahold of it because it’s out of print and that is how he wants it. It gives him cache and mystery, like the business of his sexuality cloaked in secrecy. He felt it was no one’s affair. Get it? Anyway, download a few New York Dolls songs and I am sure you will like them. They were ahead of their time and not embraced by commercial radio.  The show, with Mick Jagger and Martin Scorcese as the helm, will premier this Sunday night.

Bowie, my BFF and Taking stock of being a Rebel




I didn’t want to be one of the many David Bowie Fans rushing to grab the stage for themselves. His death really affected me. I’m so sad he’s gone but he made art out of pain until the very end. I adored his ‘plastic’ soul phase of the “Young Americans” album…it was the first David Bowie album I bought. Then I got into his lead guitarit “Mick Ronson” and loved his solo song, “The Empty Bed.” You can’t find it anymore. David wrote songs for acts in the Underground and helped them break through. Good examples of this are his collaborative work with Lou Reed, Brian Eno, and Iggy Pop. He was generous that way. He felt there was room for everyone. rebel

I always considered myself an outsider. The music of David Bowie in the 70’s, along with Pink Floyd, Led Zepplin, Foghat, The Eagles and other groups in the 70’s, normalized my experience of myself. I was and forever will be grateful to them. It encouraged the artist in me.

However, due to my BFF and the passing of Scott Weiland from STP and David Bowie, I’m re examining the theme of my blog.

Rebel. Hmmmmm. Rebel against what, exactly? And what in the heck is positive about that?

Questioning and raging against the status quo is what has fueled popular and underground music (my favorite) since the 50’s. Beginning with Elvis, The Beatles, Going into Led Zepplin, Nirvana, Bowie, Billy Idol and even the softer sounds of Duran Duran.

My personal opinion is that artists have an uncanny ability to take pain and give it purpose in their art, connecting to others who feel similarly….or feel at all, and find meaning in it.

But I’m re examining useless rebellion, that’s all. I’m for change but think twitter hashtag campaigns only speak to the choir and protests outside the gates of pharmaceutical companies only make us look more crazy.

I’ve written letters to senators and am looking for an online Civics course to see how our government really works when it comes to affecting Change and checks and balances.