HBO’s Ballers Delights Football Skeptic (Andy Garcia in season 2)

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Brought to you by the same people who brought “Friday Night Lights” is HBO’s comedy “Ballers,” starring “Rock” ….it’s about Football, Football players but about so much more. Mental health, opiate addiction, neurological and other health problems, other kinds of substance abuse, Fake Friends, Sex, well, of course…season one is available for binge watching now and season two features Andy Garcia as a money manager. The Rock plays one too and he’s poaching Andy’s clients, watch the sparks fly. It’s a way more intellectual ride than I imagined and funny as hell. I like watching because I know next to nothing about professional football except to say John Elway was in my dorm at Stanford U.

Looking for other tardive patients for a movement disorder project…a free online pamphlet filled with facts.

gainesvilletwoWe went to Gainesville to see my neurologist, the one who finally fixed the tardive dyskinesia, a side effect of antipsychotics.


I’m going after a huge undertaking, writing a book of my journey with tardive, the docs I saw (you would not believe some of the stories) the ER visits, the 8 mo disastrous titration off Seroquel that only made my symptoms explode (withdrawal emergent syndrome) and the whole lot of it.

How many people have this anyway? Who would know? I am lining up my sources and looking for input. What questions are answerable? Should I ask for a quote?  I’m just trying to do the right thing and prevent others from living the same three year marathon nightmare that I did. If you know anyone who is twitching, grimacing or thrashing, send ’em my way.



Picture from Gainesville with fill light from the Lake behind me! Looking for other tardive patients

gainesvilletwoWe went to Gainesville to see my neurologist, the one who finally fixed the tardive dyskinesia, a side effect of antipsychotics.


I got it from Geodon. I’m trying to find out if there are any other people in my situation. If you know any, can you send them my way? I’m working on a project where I tell people what their chances are, tips on prevention, treatment and current medical thought. Having had it since 2007 and searching for symptom relief (I couldn’t drive or sign a check or fall asleep for three year…a total nightmare) It’s a lot like people who get bipolar disorder and have a three year period during which they tried everything. This is a good photo because there was a lake across the way, right below me and the light came from below, filling in my roadmap of a face!!!  In Hollywood I think that’s called a “Kleig Light” or something like that. We shot pictures forever. It was so fun.

Words, Words, Words

alblackdressmallThis is Allison Biszantz Aka Allison “Strong” Yes, I finally “came out”

One of these days I’m going to figure out why learning new things reduces my chronic pain and lifts my moods and share it with you. In the meantime, you just gotta take my word for it.

Meme  element of culture or humorous symbol shared wildly on the internet.

Anomie  Lack of usual or expected social or ethical standards…(Brazil, Venezuela or Domestic Presumptives)?

Hagiographer…a person who writes passionately positive, glowing bios about their subject.

Lugubrious..mournful, sad, gloomy

This is the Day I’ve Been Waiting For



There is a link to the companion written Blog as well. And let's not forget to thank Caring Voices Coalition who makes my life possible.
There is a link to the companion written Blog as well. And let’s not forget to thank Caring Voices Coalition who makes my life possible.

Today I was approved for a grant for expensive, Brand New, Tardive Dyskinesia Medicine. Whew!!! Then, my Video Blogs were posted on my publisher’s site, IBPF, International Bipolar Disorder Foundation.

Here is a link to part one. It’s a two part series on a very common, horrible side effect (Parkinson’s like it makes me understand Why Robin Williams pulled the plug. Involuntary thrashing tremors, etc-wait, I’m spoiling the fun. If you want to take a quick peak on a mental health advocacy Vlog and what it looks like to Vlog in general, here it is.  I’m so brand new at all this, let me know at least if they are live. This syndrome side effect of Atypical Antipsychotic drugs like Abilify, Geodon, Latuda, Saphris, Invega, many of whom market themselves as antidepressants or helpful for bipolar depression, meanwhile the public doesn’t realize that they are on such a heavy duty drug!! I really wanted to get the word out, because it happened to me and it’s really common. People don’t know.


Part 1:

Part 2:


Tardive Dyskinesia Vlog Script…Help Me!!!

If you had volunteered to do a one minute vlog about your experience, trials and ultimate triumph with Tardive Dyskinesia, hit on some of the stigma and discrim due to ignorance and fear on the part of the doctors, and emphasize that there has been great strides made in treatment and even a little bit on prevention, who do you think your major audience would be? If you said the word Tardive Dyskinesia, which demographic would know exactly what that is, be concerned about getting it and tune in to my video to hear the mostly good news? I wonder. I’m trying to work it out. This charity’s largest group of clients and Facebook Clickers are women, from young to middle age. They are already probably pissed off about rapid weight gain with some of the new antipsychotics. And they probably don’t know it yet, but that leads to hyperinsulinism, metabolic syndrome and diabetes type 2. And TD is in the cards for them too. What I want them to learn is that 80% are quickly treated with a medicine and are fine. The rest, well there are all kinds of new meds and med combinations so it’s not as bleak as it was when I got it. I want to spread hope, not fear.