NPR on Prince, The Replacements, Minneapolis Music Scene & 1990’s sax rock band Morphine R.I.P.

princetwoNPR had a whole feature on Prince and Minneapolis today that made me cry when I heard another Minneapolis band, The Replacments. They also played Rrrriott GiRrrl Band “Babes in Toyland.” Were they from Minnesota as well?

I don’t care how Prince died. Everyone has a bottom line. His? To continue performing a bit and KILL THE PAIN. I’m in the same boat.

Only I went cold turkey three or four weeks ago. I slept thru most of it. I went down for a week.

After 16 years of safe use that restored function and allowed me to lift gentle weights, ride the life cycle and swim, The side effects  got to the me. The medicine, even at 1/3 the dose I’d taken in previous years, ( according to experts, EVERYONE goes up in dosage and tolerance) my body shut down. I quit.

If I’m such a ‘junkie’ as the former BFF said, why are there still 100 of The MS is still here? Answer: I never took the full dose prescribed because I lived in fear of terrible, disabling flareups from the “Interventional Pain Therapy” spinal injecttions,  all ten of them 200.00 each and a failure. I also did piltes and paid for four expensive and pointless rounds of PT, stuff I could do at home and electrostim making me worse.

I’m sorry Prince and the 20% of pain patients who become problem abusers   turning to  the streets for a cheaper fix and a cheaper high have to die. I pay for the high they’re chasing. This kills me.

There are measures like Suboxone that are way safer tho you have to be rediagnosed and the idea is to wean ya down. What about the pain? I’ve tried everything, holistic, medical, athletic, hydration, cutting back to gentle exercise but at least “The Box” won’t kill you and buys time while you look for something safer. The truth is, Opiates are a naturally occurring substance, much more  natural than the primitive nerve burning  Coolief, which would work for me but Medicare doesn’t cover it.

The doctor wouldn’t  give me any estimate of my of pocket responsibility or help me set up a payment plan.

So the one ‘respectable’ thing that I would have paid thousands for to get a year of comfort is out of my financial reach and  I have money, too.. It’s called “Coolief,”they have no 800 number and Medicare should be prior authorizing and covering.

It’s three years old. They haven’t caught up.

But back to Prince.

I was listening to Sirius 27, “Deep Tracks” and they had an interview with a local yokel music critic speaking about Prince’s role in Minneapolis, currently a music scene in the grieving process. Then they played a band that should have been a big hit but just …sort of slipped between the cracks. They were on a major record label, critically acclaimed, alt guitar pop with a grunge overtone in the 90’s all of the right ingredients. I know from beign married to a Record Guy (Geffen Records…Eagles, Joni Mitchell, Beck, XTC, Aerosmith in the late 90’s, Jackal, That Dog, Nirvana, Courtney Love, Elastica, Garbage…a boutique, eclectic artist roster from way back) but back to yesterday’s NPR Broadcast

“The Replacements,” Minneapolis other “Favorite Sons”  (‘Merry Go Round; ‘I will Dare’  were songs) were often compared to a British outfit called “Big Star.” Neither of them made it. Just like Prince.