How to get Blog Followers…it works in reverse!!!

allison happy




I found out a really interesting thing. I was watching this WordPress blog go nowhere. I did really well on Tumblr except for attracting every escort service and eating disordered, self harm pretty young thing on the planet. Wanted to hook up with other writers, not instragrammers, no offense. But then when my friend Dyane was profiled AGAIN in The Huffington Post and I promoted the piece about her, as I admire her and can’t wait for her book,”Birth of A New Brain” to come out about post partum and peripartum onset bipolar disorder (not post partum depression) I got so many new followers by promoting her!


The same thing happened when I promoted Tessa, a wonderful friend I’ve made in social media lately. We are both writers and we have an exchange of skills and spirituality and so forth going on. I still can’t find her devotional site, as she doesn’t just parrot other people’s, she writes her own. She’s an incredibly brave woman who like me has all the fun side effects and other bipolar related co-occurings that just keep piling up year after year. But the main point is, if you want more followers, promote the ones you already have!!!