Leaving this link got me banned from a Facebook site…what gives?????



The site was “I went to Rancho Santa Fe elementary school” (North San Diego County, just east of Del Mar.

The Admin reminder was ‘we want to be nostalgic, swap stories and keep things light.’

Most of the time, I did exactly that. I told some whoppers about listening to Dr. Demento, throwing oranges at cars and seeing Rocky Horror Show when it opened in London’s “West End,” their “Broadway.” Our teacher was scandalized but we were in the same row all the way across the theatre and there was no way she could get us out of there when Tim Curry started doin’ the can can “I’m a sweet Transvestite From Transylvania….uh huh”

The attention I got as a story teller and a published writer made people angry.

On my final visit (under someone else’s name) I asked,

“So when my book about growing up in the Ranch is released you don’t want to know about it?

Anyway, here’s what got me banned. maybe somebody felt guilty



The need for balance to banish the bad.

You guys know that I make a real effort to take in as much as I give out. In other words, I take my time to read my entire Facebook feed and just comment rather than post, sometimes. Sometimes it’s cool to be a supporting player and get the focus off of myself. A regular intake of Alternative Music, both new and old, and some great classic tunes, like Stealer’s Wheel, “Stuck in the Middle with You,” or Creedence, or the Rolling Stones rev up my workouts at the gym as I increase my weights and read about world events. I am a total film buff. On Sunday I put out my ‘new and notable’ list as well as a few that fell between the cracks and slipped away to streaming or video.

I left out a few movies!!!!

Also came out on Friday are:

“I smile Back”

Rock the Casbah with Bill Murray

Victoria (german Heist Film)

Heart of a Dog by alternative artist and singer Laurie Anderson

Beasts of no Nation, a Netflix original movie.

I also wanted to add that I really just want to sign up for Cinemax so I can watch the new episodes of Knick, the 1900’s medical/addiction/New York City drama…it’s “House on Heroin,” literally. Clive Owen is as good as when he played Ernest Hemingway in that HBO movie with Nicole Kidman. But back to Cinemax, it’s another twenty bucks a month and the episodes are not all streamed together, they are aired in typical fashion, once every Friday at 10pm. The black hole. They’ll win the ratings sweeps no doubt. I investigated and Cinemax has about five original series that look intriguing, if you are into crime/spy and supernatural stuff. The hubby says no. I need to watch Clive Owen destroy himself while he saves lives as a surgeon back when they were still ‘bleeding’ people and C-sections were a new idea. I also picked up “WordPress For Dummies” and Steven King “On Writing.”  An entire Sunday edition of The New York Times awaits me. I’m researching the researchers who are trying to come up with preventative treatment for the unfortunate side effects of antipsychotics, weight gain and diabetes type two, as I struggle with this progression. But wait….I meant this post to be about light and fluffy escape modalities so off I go.