Genetic testing for antidepressants ‘standard of care’ at Mayo Clinics

Prelude: there is genetic protein testing available and is the ‘standard of care’ at Mayo Clinics since 2011 and is covered occasionally for medical reasons. It could really benefit a person who needs antidepressants.  We all know that different meds work differently in different individuals. But do we really have to try a bunch of meds and sit around contemplating our own demise for weeks on end to find out? for example, on Prozac, it took me 8 weeks for me to feel better. A lot of bad stuff could have happened to me. So I called Mayo Clinic and they said they are not accepting new psych patients. I am not to be deterred. I am the girl who got cut from the high school volleyball team two years in a row and ended up with a scholarship to Stanford. Determination has paid off in radio, medical mysteries requiring multiple letters written etc. So here’s my campaign to get an appointment. laying odds? 50-50. What’s there to lose? It’s not as if I have no time.

My name is Allison Biszantz. I am writing you to request an appointment. I recently read the book “The End of Illness” which mentioned genetic and enzyme testing which might benefit me.

I am 54-years-old and live in Hollywood Florida. I am on disability and am a writer for Nami local, and International Bipolar Disorder. I was a disc jockey and medical transcriptionist for the first ten years of my diagnosis. Before that,  I went to Stanford on a Volleyball scholarship.

When I was 29, I had a full blown manic episode went to 60 day neuropsych at University of Utah and was dx with bipolar 2. In 2000 Bipolar I and antipsychoticws. In 2007 Tardive Dyskinesia, (very well managed with 2.5 mg Xenazine and 50 mg Clozaril, although it took three years to find a solution and many appts.)

I’m Bipolar with ADHD, currently dealing with depression and running out of options. I’ve had the same doctor for fifteen years and I’ve stayed out of the hospital all that time. My doctor does not want to deal with the Mayo ‘Standard of Care’  Cytochrome P450, CYP2D6 or CYP2C9 testing and I am looking to find a doctor who is willing to do that test for me and consult with me. I’m willing to travel. Or be referred to someone in my area if you know someone.

I  want to write a series of pieces for IBPF about this cutting edge science and how it might be helpful to someone with bipolar disorder.

Would you be willing to help me?  I’m willing to provide more info if you request it.



Purpose of private Bipolar “Our Cycles Unite Us” page on FB

Here is the deal. I have a normal facebook feed. I’ve posted just enough stuff so that they know, if they are curious or concerned about themselves or someone else, they can contact me or my digital publishers who I also promote, because they know more than I do. Even after twenty five years. IBPF’s free downloadable book, “healthy living with bipolar disorder’ takes an unflinching, unmoralizing look at many aspects of the illnesses that drug company sponsored websites just plain ignore.

But there is new stuff on the horizon. The wave of increasing numbers of obese and overweight in our nation has partly to do with all the psych meds that affect our hunger, cravings and metabolism rates and I’m researching this subject so I can write an informed blog with links called “Meeting Metabolism slowdown Head on.” That will help people. There are advances in the medication of people with metabolic disorder or prediabetes conditions, the FDA just approved another drug last week. There is beginning to be a proactive movement to combat this problem. But I know some other stuff, some wholistic stuff that can help beyond ‘diet and exercise’ stuff that is really frustrating to many of us. So that’s one issue of research that is multi pronged because apparently the meds I’m referring to cause physical changes in our pancreas. But I want to research this more before I print it. I just wanted you to know that this page is going to be an extension of living healthy with bipolar but more current science than once a year.

Also there is the exploding field of genetics and individual protein enzymes, with which the info will help decide which medication the patient will be more likely to best metabolize, with least side effects and more able to get the benefit. This has been Mayo Clinic’s standard of Care since 2011, along the lines of ALL health problems, not just psych. So why don’t we have it. What’s been holding it up? I want to find out and bring the info to you. It just takes time and I need you to be patient.

Here is the link


It’s actually easier to find by going on Facebook and typing: Bipolar Disorder: Our Cycles Unite us