Have You Seen Vinyl? It’s all true



Mick Jagger’s son stars in “Vinyl,” a show about the radio and record industry in the 70’s. Having been a decision maker about songs in the radio business and working with record promoters and  having been married to one..it’s all true. And if you are into Punk
Rock, this covers The New York Dolls and what came after. Not as nuanced as Boardwalk Empire it’s still killer Scorcese. Apparently he’s like Quentin Tarantino in that violence makes him giggle. lolcannavale

Live To Tell on “The History Channel”

Peter Berg


Peter Berg, a fabulous actor “The Last Seduction”(indie film) “Chicago Hope” and “Alias”…you’ll see him here and there. He spearheaded the film and TV show “Friday Night Lights,” which heartbreakingly illustrated how integral Religion and High School
Football are to small town Texas.

One of his early movies was “terrible things,” a dark comedy about a Las Vegas Bachelor Party gone horribly wrong. So funny.

Now he has a series on Navy Seals called “Live To Tell.”

There are the guys who go in and do our dirty work, sometimes with complete deniability, similarly to those pressed into service during the Bengazi siege. They were there supposedly as drivers for the Ambassador, who was a real idealist, who believed in American involvement to right the careening ship of Libyan rule after the toppling of a 42-year reign of terror w/Quaddafi. (sp…can’t spell worth shit)

But this is not about Libya. It’s about Peter Berg and his new series. You have to see it to believe it.

Valentine’s new Martin Scorcese, Mick Jagger TV Show: Vinyl



Don’t forget…Bobby Cannivale, who did a star turn as Gyp Rosetti in Boardwalk Empire (my favorite was when he did S&M with himself as the M in a dog collar) and as Al Pacino’s son in “Danny Collins” stars in this show about the music business. Since I was married to a Geffen Records promoter, I know the other side of the music industry pretty intimately and can’t wait to take stock of their creation. bobbyI think it’s on HBO, like a lot of other good stuff.