Going to see former Steely Frontman, Donald Fagen

Total Prince of Pathos….

“At night you hide from the madman you’re longing to be. But it all comes out on the inside, eventually” (Here at the Western World)

“Thelonius My Old Friend, Come on IN and let me shake your hand. So glad that you’re here again, for one last time, Let your MADNESS run with MINE”

Tuesday night, the 8th, at the Fillmore, Miami Beach. I have loved this band and Donald Fagen’s solo work for over twenty years. The appeal of their pathos never fades away. So now, I’m going to acquaint myself with his newer work. He has a new album out…something ‘condominiums’ I think it’s ‘Sunken Condominiums’ I’ll find out.

It’s taken me a week to get over the whole business about being dragged off an airline because tardive dyskinesia makes me walk a little bit ‘off.’  I managed to write some stories and crack a new publication, get picked up by the daily and possibly ‘The Blog’ at Huffington Post. We’ll see.

I kept waking up feeling like I’d just gotten a DUI and remembering ‘oh, that crap happened to me. what does it mean?’ You know that pit of fear in your stomach feeling?