“Go Further:” Dad was Ford Dealer, I’m bipolar, with “A Better Idea”


We’ve come a long way, baby. On the right we have the Ford Explorer. For you millenials, pictured top left was the disastrous contraption called The Ford Pinto.

People howled over Pinto jokes for years but it wasn’t funny. The placement of the engine, in the rear, beneath the trunk or flip top back was terrible if you got rear ended. Dad survived the 70’s Oil Embargo and supported his brood of four daughters during a very rough time. Pinto and all.

I admit, I was spoiled. I certainly was certainly unprepared for the shocker of Bipolar Disorder, that’s for sure.

And I have a whole new way of dealing with mood cycles and other downers that come up in life. You could say I’m “Going Further.”


Trappings of female liberation found amongst ISIS sex slaves in Iraq



Apparently, according to the Quran, a man may not lay with a woman who is already bearing a child. This is, according to the readings, so there is no confusion of paternity of the baby, once it’s born.  This gets complicated with ISIS and their female slaves. All they have to do is capture them to enslave them. Back in the old days, they waited  30 days after buying or capturing or a new slave to see if she has her menstrual period..

But now, No Muss, no fuss. These girls are having abortions, getting hormone injections of Depo provera, taking  birth control pills, the ‘day after’ pill and being hauled in for countless blood and urine tests to make sure they are not with child.


We associate contraception with women’s lib. This is anything but. They are making the reproductive decisions for the women themselves.

They are all for modern conveniences when it’s convenient.

These guys are in a hurry. After all, tomorrow they may go to Allah and all of those virgins in Paradise so they gotta move on what’s alive, in front of them and their property. When they tire of one, they give her away and procure another.

Raping a female slave is permitted in the Quran under any circumstance barring her being pregnant.

“13 Hours” (Bengaze) Pablo and Liev Schreiber. Can u believe these two are brothers?




schreiber as Pornstache on 'orange'                              Schreiber


Does anyone remember Ray Donovan or the Newspaper editor in “Spotlight” played by Liev Schrieber? He has a talented brother, Pablo, who played the comic relief role of “Pornstasche” or however the hell you spell upper facial hair. Pictured above. He also plays the outspoken, irreverent and defiant operative in “13 Hours” nicknamed Tonto. He wisecracks, even in the midst of carnage, provide greatly needed comic relief. The film is worth seeing even if you are tired of the the mashed about topic, just to see Pablo’s genius at work.

RIP Ashraf Pahlavi

Photo of Ashraf Pahlavi, twin sister of the Shah of Iran




We lost a proud Middle Eastern Feminist last week. The twin sister of the former Shah of Iran, Ashraf Pahlavi, passed away. I was interested that she wrote three memoirs.

Most people only write one, but she lived a long time, through many political changes that swept the world. I’m going to request:

“Faces in a Mirror: Memoirs from Exile”

“Time for Truth”

Jamais Resignee (Never Forget)…That’s a phrase used in another concept, but ok, it cross applies.

New Year, New Publication



There are these ‘publications’ that just ‘show up’ in my reader. Then I read their article and see they have a spot to apply to be a ‘contributor.’ I filled one out for these people and a month later they got back to me. They had a ‘style manual’ that puts Strunk and White to Shame.

Here’s what came out of it with NewLifeOutlook Bipolar


Movies about what it means to be French.

I was doing movie listings and mini reviews, but had a huge flare up of back pain and had to cut back. I will pick it up again soon…like in a few days. The list is enormous because it’s the holidays. I try to weed the most obviously marketing action adventures out unless they have redeeming qualities.

The New York Times has now reviewed Amazon Prime’s “The Man in the High Castle” three times. It’s a ‘what if’ Holocaust tale about America in the early 60’s, after the Nazis and Japanese won WWII. The Japanese have the west coast and the Nazi’s New York. Times Square has swastikas on all the glaring neon lights. Amazon Prime has promotions where you get a credit card with a 50 buck credit and a reduced rate. All said, we spent a total of 20 bucks for our annual membership.

Netflix’s original series, based on a Marvel Comic book, “Jessica Jones” does not disappoint. The character is multidimensional and even though she has superpowers, her active alcoholism is her Achilles heel.

The New York Times paid homage to Paris Friday in their movie section by listing some French Movies that show what it means to be French.

They are:


“Days of Glory”

“A prophet”

“Of Gods and Men.”