90’s Film “Swimming With Sharks” w/Kevin Spacey


It’s “Shark Week.” And I’m back out in the water, crawling my 1 1/2 miles with a back brace on to prevent me from aggravating my spine twisting my torso too far when I turn right and left for a breath of air.

Little by little, we lose things we love and adjust, accept and move on. I’m the worst, constantly trying to ‘have iot all,’ as my health deteriorates. lololol! I need to go back to AA and practice “Acceptance” and  “Life on Life’s Terms.” Did those faces trigger or seem punitively grim to anyone else? Or am I the only one?


Anyway, movies like these, (and I’ll bet you never heard of “Swimming With Sharks),” helps me with chronic pain. Maybe cuz it’s my favorite topic: Hollywood Studios and the machinations taking place behind the walls.

It was an indie film and did not get wide distribution. I lived in LA when it came out and also when the film “Affliction” was released, featuring Nick Nolte, Willem Dafoe, Sissy Spacek and the late James Coburn.  Family alcoholism and mental illness passed on and one in a small town in Maine. The bitterly cold climate was a perfect counterpoint to the simmering rage between brothers over ‘who fucked up the worst’ similar to Bloodline. These are Indie films with A-listers.

What does that tell you about Hollywood, Money And Power?


I taking on the ‘powers that be’ trying to address a side effect of antipsychotics that’s mostly covered up.

It’s a movement disorder. I have it.  If I say what, I’m afraid you’ll split. But it’s important. It may be rarer than we thought but it’s real. People at risk or showing early signs need to know.

Deal? Help me? Click and/or comment on this little story if you think we can help each other…. and I’ll find out who you are and we can talk about whatever. On WP, we do that, or at least that’s my experience.


Margaritaville in Hollywood Beach: My City IS Gone!!!



I moved here because it was slow, not overpopulated, traffic a breeze, and ocean front property (across from the ocean) affordable. This is a big Town, Hollywood, Florida, we’ve over 1ook residents, our own airport that we share with Ft Lauderdale and now a monstrosity of a oceanside resort that has ruined our main public beach and taken all the parking with it. It now takes an hour to just get off the AIA or the Ocean Front road. It’s so jammed up. Ok, some interesting things about Margaritaville, they are building a city in Orlando, near Disneyworld, with 1200 homes. They have 67 restaurants and 400.00 “Margaritaville” themed items, like 800.00 Hammock, 150.00 Margaritaville Penny Loafers….they even have “Margaritaville” sheets in “Strawberry Daquiri” which only costs 19.00 for a set. Look at the contrast between the view from my house (across the street from the beach on 8th floor) and similar aerial view of the ocean at the site of Jimmy Buffett. It’s 5:00pm here 24/7 in my head. I just want to get drunk and puke over the whole thing. They paved paradise and made it a parking lot or something like that.

More Scary South Florida residents….jellyfish of many types



There is a link to the companion written Blog as well. And let's not forget to thank Caring Voices Coalition who makes my life possible.

There are lots of sea creatures we share the ocean with. We assume it’s ours but it’s not. We had a huge rash of a nonstinging type of jellyfish wash into shore this week. Everyone got out of the water and freaked out as the purple carcasses littered the beach. They are harmless but spectacular to look at, called “Sailor Jellyfish” for the said on the top of their backs sticking up in the air. We have these other nonstingers called “moon Jellyfish” and they are just a round disc the side of the top of a 16 oz can of tomatoe sauce or something. But we also have purple Man O War show up and all the red ‘danger’ flags go up at Lifeguard stations as these guys have these long, trailing tentacles that have the sting. The sting is not fatal but hurts so badly people wish it was.

Then they get a short time capsule sense of how it feels to have anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder or schizoaffective or schizophrenia or have a horrible degenerative illness like Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, organ failure, Lupus or chronic pain that makes life a hell on earth.  We already know about that.


Bipolar Listomania Shocker

Who Would You like jammed down your throat? A superficial “list” article, Donald Trump (who drove the media towards tabloidy coverage), or Miss Allison Strong. Hmmm. None of the above. Just as we thought.

womens worlddonaldallicat


This has tough for her because she thinks if people who have bipolar disorder want to be taken seriously, then a neatly arranged body of factoids with nothing to back them up, is horrendous. She has lost one publisher (that she even knows) for expressing her disturbance at the amount of mental health content being dealt with too lightly with “National Enquirer” type lists. Here is the link to the gutsy pulication, bphope.com, who allowed Allison to stick her neck out (she does that regularly) and prove why these lists aren’t always appropriate or productive. Here’s the link: I hope you become part of the electoral process. http://www.bphope.com/blog/bipolar-strong-list-o-mania-shocker.

Let us know if you think we, too should can her ass by commenting, ‘unliking’ etc in the comments section below

We R Rguing about the Gabor Sisters at home!

My husband and I are talking about Sirius’s FM’s channel the innovative “Outlaw Country.” You are as likely to hear Johnny Cash as you R to hear ZZ Top as Johnny Cash or even Patsy Cline. What he thinks is interesting is a song written by an oldster and later popularized by someone like The Beatles. Both songs would be aired on this cool station. It also plays Meredith Brooks and Lucinda Williams, both who are newer artists. Then we got to talking about TV Land and Green Acres vs Beverly Hillbillies. I told hubby that I had lived next door to Zsa Zsa’s daughter in the Hollywood Hills in 1999 and that Zsa Zsa was not known for acting but by marriage to Conrad Hilton. He disagrees. We looked it up. I’m right. Eva was the Green Acres actor. Zsa was the only one of the Hungarian sisters to even have a child. When I was psychotic at the very end of my stay there I thought I had children (I am childless), used to run down Laurel Canyon and buy groceries to make them dinner. Dad and I talked on the phone and I told him I was making dinner for the kids, who were being babysat at Zsa Zsa’s daughter’s house.

Frightened, he tried to make light of a grave situation. “Allison,” he said, “YOu don’t have any kids, remember? I assured him I did but after I hung up I realized he was right. I needed inpatient therapy for a second time in 10 years. Those actually are not bad stats for a person with bipolar I w/psychotic features.

Steely Dan again, at least I’m not the only one tormented as hell. And that’s a relief

“At night you hide from the madman you’re longing to be. But it all comes out on the inside, eventually.”

from “Here at the Western World” on “The Royal Scam?” I’m not sure. But Steely Dan..even tho I’m an alternative/indie chick, will always have a special place in my heart for their hedonism to escape the demons that haunted them. I’m not the only one living with a ghost for a soul.