Diamanda Galas is back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



She’s incredible. Musically  She’s always has gone where no one has before. It’s said she can hold more than one note at a time. Even Henry Rollins, Spoken World  poet, punker, singer says “There is no One like Diamanda Galas Out there ever.” She gasps, spits, croons, screeches all in song. She’s classically trained, Egyptian Greek Background and raised in San Diego, which shocked me. So tame!!!!!!!!!!!

She’s been composing in solitude in Poland and soon to play her new piece, ‘Das Fieberspital’ at St Thomas Apostle Church in Harlem. She’s also played with John Paul Jones at the Lincoln Center.

Classically trained music aficionados estimate her vocal range between three and a half to six octaves. She can hold a note four minutes at a time.  She’s been very involved in activisim both for Aids and feminism, women’s rights. Her music is NOT commercial at all. But I worked for a guy who championed the different, the ‘pleasantly annoying’ as he calls it on his new music internet show/podcast, “The Lopsided World of L.” Jonathan L. How proud I am to say that Jonathan hired me and worked with me twice.

When in Salt Lake City, my alternative station went belly up and stopped making payroll. I quit and filed for unemployment. They fought me. I won. Of all the people I had sent my tape and resume out too, Jonathan was the most diffident, seemed the least interested. So when I got the call, moping around my house wondering what I was going to do next (alternative radio disc jockey radio jobs don’t grow on trees-many work for free)….and I threw all I had in a Uhaul and drove from Utah to Phoenix Arizona where I would stay and work for the next four years…also writing a weekly column for the Arizona Republic, occasional one offs for Melody Maker and Hits Magazine.

Diamanda came to town and we were the presenting station and got to go backstage and meet her. The fact that she’s still around and performing is what dazzles me.