Not enough weeks for words of the weak!

Here we go.


Glossolalic: This was a word in the New York Times article about Diamanda Galas. (pictured above) It means the gift of tongues, which I think I mean speaking in tongues in her music. She’s one of a kind, truly. Using her art for activism. No matter how ugly it got.

And I worked for the only alternative radio station to play her. She made album with John Paul Jones of Led Zepplin and they toured.

Atavistic: reverting to the past or ancestral, like our instincts or fear.

Incipient: Beginning to happen, initial stages of becoming something. A Groundswell.

Unalloyed: Usually referring to metals, gold, silver but in a person it means unreserved.

Parenteral. This has to w/medicine, particularly as I investigate why buprenorphrine is not available and why ..whatever. …what it means is that you take it in a different way than swallowing a pill. This is a good thing and less damaging to the liver and digestive tract, which has to break it down. Unfortunately, these types of administrations are only employed late in the game, after the patient’s liver or kidneys have failed.

Gerrymandering: It’s a political thing, means to push, manipulate the boundaries. They are all doing that, in my opinion. The candidates.