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alblackdressmallThis is Allison Biszantz Aka Allison “Strong” Yes, I finally “came out”

One of these days I’m going to figure out why learning new things reduces my chronic pain and lifts my moods and share it with you. In the meantime, you just gotta take my word for it.

Meme  element of culture or humorous symbol shared wildly on the internet.

Anomie  Lack of usual or expected social or ethical standards…(Brazil, Venezuela or Domestic Presumptives)?

Hagiographer…a person who writes passionately positive, glowing bios about their subject.

Lugubrious..mournful, sad, gloomy

Bullsharks in South Florida They Bite

bullsharkFLoutofthewaterThis is me, coming out of a long run followed by a two hour swim. I am exercise bulimic. I eat and then work out. I deal with Sharks.

Great Whites are more prevalent on the Pacific Coast and other colder water climates…I think Australia and South Africa have them. For warmer water and brackish water like we have in the Canals, (they have even found these bullsharks in the Mississippi River)!

I’m a thrill seeker and exercise addict (which has caused quite a few problems)… after a few orthopedic surgeries I temporarily turned to swimming long distances at the Olympic Pool at Stanford University. Later I began swimming way out in the Ocean, both in Mexico, Del Mar and finally now here in Florida. Boy, once you master the breathing and about 20 minutes passes, you get really high and I’m not sure why.

What keeps me from going out there now (but I’m going to return) are active Sharkbites not so far from home.  I saw a Mako and A skimmer out swimming a couple of times but once they saw me, they boogied. I live in Hollywood on the Atlantic Ocean. Bullsharks populate more northern areas of the Florida Atlantic coast like Vero beach and Daytona, partly because of the surfers, who they confuse with sea lions, etc.

We had a Bullshark Bite last week. It happened to a guy who was spearfishing and had loaded up the ocean water with blood. It’s called a “Provoked Attack,” in other words totally NOT the Shark’s fault.

Basically sharks are only interested in fish for food. We are too bony, in reality, for them.

I live in an area where there really is no food for them. But over on the West Coast, in the La Jolla Caves near San Diego, you’ve got all these seals sunning themselves on the rocks, and Great White
Bites are a plenty. Ten Miles up the Pacific is Del Mar, where there has never been a shark bite ever.

When I go swimming and there are schools of fish, I get spooked and get out of the water, right away. Anywhere there’s food, there’s bound to be sharks. They’ve got like radar and show up out of nowhere.


I’m in Pain, so I’m going Music Shopping on ITunes!



Yesterday I heard uptempo "November Spawned A Monster on Indie 103.1's "Breakfast with The Smiths." Listen at your own risk for depression! lol
Yesterday I heard uptempo “November Spawned A Monster on Indie 103.1’s “Breakfast with The Smiths.” Listen at your own risk for depression! lol

Even though  depressing, negative tracks from Nine Inch Nails, Morrissey and/or the Smiths, Nirvana, The Cure et al) speaks to me strongest, I love Classic Rock. A tempo driven oldie Oldies like “Stuck in the Middle With You,”or a Creedence or Led Zeppepplin song hit the spot on a regular basis. (By now you know of my pathos  penchant for Steely Dan.)

Why now? I’m bored. More important, Music reduces my stress, relieving my  low back pain. I think this is because  music intersects with my exercise-related Euphoria.

My Sources for new Alternative, Rock and forgotten older music? Far and Wide.

Sirius Satellite Radio. Channels: College like XMU, Alternative Nation, 70’s on Seven, Backspin, Shade 45 and Classic Rewind. Sirus worth every penny.

Online LA  station “Indie 103.1.

Jonathan L, who hired me for two different stations(don’t you love it when someone hires you twice?), programs and hosts the weekly show,”The Lopsided Word of L.” It’s aired early Saturday Afternoons on Indie 103.1. You can hear Hungarian, Chinese, Indian and Swedish tunes on this show. It’s great. His shows and playlists are archived on former WBCN programmer Oedipus’s site, The Oedipus project.

One more source: All Access’s weekly Alternative Chart ranked by number of Spins. Also has a chart of most added brand new ones, which I sample. All you have to do is look up all access, and sign up for the free list. You don’t have to be a record or radio Geek.



Courtney Barnett’s new single, “Nobody Really Cares.” Practically Rrriot GiRRl action.

Obscure Nirvana B-Side “On A Plain.”

Former Sex Pistols screamer Johnny Rotten and his new Band, P.I.L, (Public Image Limited.) to remind me of the original riot in the first place. New song: “Double Trouble.”

Fiona Apple’s title themer for”The Affair,” It’s called “Echo in the Canyon.” Gives me chills, that song.

Three year old song now title themer for ABC’s new Serial Killer drama “Wicked City” by She Wants Revenge  “Tear You Apart.”

In case you are like me and tend to get stuck in a past era like the 80’s hair bands or 90’s pop hits, This stirs things up a bit.

The answer to all life’s problems: Buy a juicer!

My Peer Mentor is very well intentioned. Thanks to him, I have finally discovered the ultimate cure and solution to my chronic pain and all life’s other challenges as a bipolar person with tardive dyskinesia: Buy a Juicer! Yes, folks, it’s that simple.

At a Behavioral Health Center nearby, I have a WRAP plan and goals that I discuss with my mentor. I was in a depression relapse and having problems with back pain. It’s a lovely center but after I got tardive dyskinesia and fell off of their volunteer rolls, they deemed I am no longer ‘stable’ enough to be a volunteer. This can only mean that God wants me to spend my time writing.

I’ve struggle with exercise bulimia my whole life. I’ve had more surgeries than an NFL linebacker, all in search of the body beautiful, which I thought would overcompensate for my other problems. Some mornings my back pain on a scale of 1-10 is an 8, really burning up, man. I use ice packs, Mobic, a Lidocaine patch and the occasional pain pill when life demands it. I can’t handle being all laid up. I’m only 54. But you know that these centers and mental health professionals in general think that if you have a mental illness, you should not be given controlled substances. You’ll become an addict!!! I have news for them. I already am an addict!!! That fact was established in the 80’s with cocaine. One I started I could not stop. That doesn’t mean that applies to Benzos and Pain pills. I am very conservative in my use,,and if they knew how many extras I have, it would  make them very nervous and they’d cut me off.

Well, anyway, this is not stuff I share with my Peer Mentor because he’s already trying to be subtle about his absolute anti stance on pain medicine. He must never have gone through what I go through. Of course not, he’s not exercise bulimic, isn’t a former professional athlete and a weight freak. I’m on an anti-inflammatory diet, anti-inflammatory herb and drink tons of water. My Peer mentor didn’t think I was doing the right things for my low back, which is degenerated, herniated and has an annular tear they can never repair. The edges of it hit the nerves and..

“I have a great idea,” he said, “Have you ever looked into nutrition for pain relief?” I thought I already was. “I think you should buy a juicer,” he exclaimed. Dumbfounded, I could only nod in assent. I was laughing or crying inside, not sure. Now I see the light!!!

I’m confused though. I was already eating celery, radishes, kale, carrots, beets, lettuce, arugula and cabbabe in my daily salads, with avocado and that crunchy little white root vegetable, Jicama. How would juicing make my life suddenly transform. How will all the structural problems in my spine just disappear? Is it something in the noise of the blender? Please, Please, get back to me on this. Let me know and send me the links and other info on the best juicer for bad backs!