Weekly Word Review



This is Michael and I at his job. He used to be a construction superintendant, a foreman. He can fix or make just about anything. In 2008, the construction industry went bust down here and all these high rises they were gonna build just went bust mid-project. You can imagine Michael’s job prospects at this point. the company he’d been working for, Lear Construction, went out of business.

This is the last one, of this batch. I’m running out.

Luxating Patella, if you have an older dog, you might have come across this. It’s when the patella (kneebone) shifts, pops off to the side or front. It’s got to be really painful. I wonder if they have pain meds for dogs.

inimitable: So good impossible to duplicate, imitate.

Fulsome: Excessively Flattering. Probly the type of stuff the Kardashian’s wear.

Thrummed: Thrum, to reverberate in someone’s ear, echo, like in this case referring to the engine of a boat. Rrrh Rrrrh