South Florida Sun Sentinel Published my Opinion-Editorial!!! I’m still in shock.

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I’m one for 7 in terms of freelance writing (This is outside of what I send to international bipolar disorder foundation and bipolar hope).

I have sent out, let me count….7 pieces of content. See, I’m manic and will be all over the place with no perspective if I don’t keep track. Finally, one hit in the Daily Newspaper. South Florida Sun Sentinel. Since my point of view is ironically funny with the airlines metaphor and inflammatory I only became aware they printed my story by the huge amount of backlash!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Check it out and comment on it if you want to jump in the fray. Topic? Drug prices. Prescription drug prices. Wouldn’t it be great if we could get all our scrips on the corner? That’s what Scarface, the rapper says in his song “Can’t get right” …”We can’t afford our ‘scriptions, so we all gonna die. CVS is slingin’ dope on evry block WORLDWIDE!  See, we little people? We have to deal with all those middle men that make things legal.