Words of the Day-Finally made the time to look up

Does anyone find a lack of time, or overbusiness to explore other curiosities and interests?  Learning new things is said to be good for depression, so I do it, and am a normally curious person depressed, normal, or manic.


Finally sat down w/my list of words I saw and pledged to index

to find out what they mean. I mean, I see them over and over again and sort of go ‘uh huh’ with a general gist but I truly want to know what they really mean. I’m such a geek I travel around with a pocket dictionary in my little kate spade (so cheap only 40.00 at the outlet mall..)

analogous…comparative in a way that makes clear. Like if you notice one day that you are picking up some traits of a parent that you don’t particularly rmember fondly but by comparing them and seeing suddenly how it’s so clear that the trait has been passed down.

bellwether…I thought this meant a ‘predictor’ and it sort of does…it refers to the lead sheep in a pack of them following the one in front.

dehiscense…this has to do with a surgical complication where the stitched up wound reopens and is common in obesity, post op swelling or infection or moving around too much, like being active too soon after surgery. It also is seen in diabetics (shudder…I’m prediabetic from years of atypical antipsychotics like Seroquel and Clozaril that I must take)….oh well, redouble my efforts clean up diet again!

anomaly, different than the norm or expected

plebescite…this term has resurfaced since Judge Scalia died and I see why. It has to do with a vote for or against upholding the constitution or other canon.

and finally quixotic…this means to be idealistic or overly optimistic about something.

This egghead is going to go watch TV. Back next week with another boatload of words seen in the New York Time.