Diamanda Galas is back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



She’s incredible. Musically  She’s always has gone where no one has before. It’s said she can hold more than one note at a time. Even Henry Rollins, Spoken World  poet, punker, singer says “There is no One like Diamanda Galas Out there ever.” She gasps, spits, croons, screeches all in song. She’s classically trained, Egyptian Greek Background and raised in San Diego, which shocked me. So tame!!!!!!!!!!!

She’s been composing in solitude in Poland and soon to play her new piece, ‘Das Fieberspital’ at St Thomas Apostle Church in Harlem. She’s also played with John Paul Jones at the Lincoln Center.

Classically trained music aficionados estimate her vocal range between three and a half to six octaves. She can hold a note four minutes at a time.  She’s been very involved in activisim both for Aids and feminism, women’s rights. Her music is NOT commercial at all. But I worked for a guy who championed the different, the ‘pleasantly annoying’ as he calls it on his new music internet show/podcast, “The Lopsided World of L.” Jonathan L. How proud I am to say that Jonathan hired me and worked with me twice.

When in Salt Lake City, my alternative station went belly up and stopped making payroll. I quit and filed for unemployment. They fought me. I won. Of all the people I had sent my tape and resume out too, Jonathan was the most diffident, seemed the least interested. So when I got the call, moping around my house wondering what I was going to do next (alternative radio disc jockey radio jobs don’t grow on trees-many work for free)….and I threw all I had in a Uhaul and drove from Utah to Phoenix Arizona where I would stay and work for the next four years…also writing a weekly column for the Arizona Republic, occasional one offs for Melody Maker and Hits Magazine.

Diamanda came to town and we were the presenting station and got to go backstage and meet her. The fact that she’s still around and performing is what dazzles me.

The Fate of HBO’s “Vinyl” produced by Mick Jagger/Martin Scorcese

It’s not looking good for Vinyl. Which sucks. Totally great show. Hard to watch but then so was House, M.D. The magazine Vanity Fair said the project had been kicking around since the late 80’s in the imagination of Mick and Martin.

Another critic said the show is full of pastiche, a shoddy imitation. ‘Surface,’ ‘Superficial’ or ‘representational’ as opposed to being AUTHENTIC. I totally disagree. There were so many of us how could we be ‘real’ with everyone?  Record company guys, by nature, had to be full of shit. And we radio decision makers who chose the songs or were strongarmed into playing them….we were just as full of it. Looking back, I know I was. I enjoyed being pandered to and pampered completely.

Allison Strong's photo.

Live To Tell on “The History Channel”

Peter Berg


Peter Berg, a fabulous actor “The Last Seduction”(indie film) “Chicago Hope” and “Alias”…you’ll see him here and there. He spearheaded the film and TV show “Friday Night Lights,” which heartbreakingly illustrated how integral Religion and High School
Football are to small town Texas.

One of his early movies was “terrible things,” a dark comedy about a Las Vegas Bachelor Party gone horribly wrong. So funny.

Now he has a series on Navy Seals called “Live To Tell.”

There are the guys who go in and do our dirty work, sometimes with complete deniability, similarly to those pressed into service during the Bengazi siege. They were there supposedly as drivers for the Ambassador, who was a real idealist, who believed in American involvement to right the careening ship of Libyan rule after the toppling of a 42-year reign of terror w/Quaddafi. (sp…can’t spell worth shit)

But this is not about Libya. It’s about Peter Berg and his new series. You have to see it to believe it.

Have u ever been banned on a Chat room or bulletin board?

Maybe because I speak up for those who don’t have a voice, I kick up more dust than the average slug crawling around the internet but this was a big one. I ended up in tears. How did they get to me? How did this ‘Kelti’ get a bully pulpit into my life? I was confused. It must have happened like this:

I DID A Google search on new antidepressants, for mine had stopped working.  The first research result was an Advertisement a company that pays extra money to be at the very top of search results on Google. It looked good, it looked like it offered new ideas on medicine for bipolar, and I, ever the newbie, wandered in to a place I thought would be safe. Boy was I wrong!

First of all, they had strict rules they had not clearly posted. I must have broken one.

Two distressed people had just posted questions about TD.   “ I think I have Tardive Dyskinesia, I’m scared.  What should I do?”   or,  “I’m on three antipsychotics for ten years now, will I get Tardive Dyskinesia too?” I felt for them.  I Wanted to reassure and inform them on new treatments, symptom management, even the charities that help with expensive new drugs.  So I told the brief version of my trouble with TD, and its’ happy ending at a movement disorder center in Gainesville.

An Angry GL (group leader) named K jumped in, threatening to ‘Ban’ me from the group, accusing me of frightening her members, causing trouble and making them  upset and angry. She said I was breaking all of MD Junction’s rules about self- promotion. She said I was bashing antipsychotics, a drug that we all need and a type of drug I truly benefit from. I didn’t mention one single drug.  Anyway, I didn’t realize she was a dictator, never to be argued or reasoned with.  She told me to ‘change my posts’ or else. I never saw these rules. They R Not Prominently Displayed.This would have Helped.

This group leader, K, went on and on about how she had to stop taking Seroquel due to weight gain. What kind of message is that sending to females?  Isn’t that a sort of bashing of meds? Is she following these rules? I think not. I withdrew and watched from an distance and there was little or no traffic on their site.I wondered how business was.

Two other members of MD junction supported me publicly and said that I should be able to say what’s on my mind. I got several PM’s to return to the group because “spring is coming” and “things will be different now, you’ll see. Please come back. You have so much to offer. There was a suicidal guy posting and I suggested that he write and gave him two links of places looking for mental health bloggers.

I told him that I was writing for NAMI and IBPF and both places are always looking for new writers. THAT WAS IT. KELTI FLEW IN ON HER BROOM AND SAID, “YES ALLISON, I REMEMBER YOU AND YOUR PASSIVE- AGGRESSION VERY WELL. You are still promoting yourself and you’ve made no friends here. YOU HAVE NOW BEEN BANNED.

I’m in Pain, so I’m going Music Shopping on ITunes!



Yesterday I heard uptempo "November Spawned A Monster on Indie 103.1's "Breakfast with The Smiths." Listen at your own risk for depression! lol
Yesterday I heard uptempo “November Spawned A Monster on Indie 103.1’s “Breakfast with The Smiths.” Listen at your own risk for depression! lol

Even though  depressing, negative tracks from Nine Inch Nails, Morrissey and/or the Smiths, Nirvana, The Cure et al) speaks to me strongest, I love Classic Rock. A tempo driven oldie Oldies like “Stuck in the Middle With You,”or a Creedence or Led Zeppepplin song hit the spot on a regular basis. (By now you know of my pathos  penchant for Steely Dan.)

Why now? I’m bored. More important, Music reduces my stress, relieving my  low back pain. I think this is because  music intersects with my exercise-related Euphoria.

My Sources for new Alternative, Rock and forgotten older music? Far and Wide.

Sirius Satellite Radio. Channels: College like XMU, Alternative Nation, 70’s on Seven, Backspin, Shade 45 and Classic Rewind. Sirus worth every penny.

Online LA  station “Indie 103.1.

Jonathan L, who hired me for two different stations(don’t you love it when someone hires you twice?), programs and hosts the weekly show,”The Lopsided Word of L.” It’s aired early Saturday Afternoons on Indie 103.1. You can hear Hungarian, Chinese, Indian and Swedish tunes on this show. It’s great. His shows and playlists are archived on former WBCN programmer Oedipus’s site, The Oedipus project.

One more source: All Access’s weekly Alternative Chart ranked by number of Spins. Also has a chart of most added brand new ones, which I sample. All you have to do is look up all access, and sign up for the free list. You don’t have to be a record or radio Geek.



Courtney Barnett’s new single, “Nobody Really Cares.” Practically Rrriot GiRRl action.

Obscure Nirvana B-Side “On A Plain.”

Former Sex Pistols screamer Johnny Rotten and his new Band, P.I.L, (Public Image Limited.) to remind me of the original riot in the first place. New song: “Double Trouble.”

Fiona Apple’s title themer for”The Affair,” It’s called “Echo in the Canyon.” Gives me chills, that song.

Three year old song now title themer for ABC’s new Serial Killer drama “Wicked City” by She Wants Revenge  “Tear You Apart.”

In case you are like me and tend to get stuck in a past era like the 80’s hair bands or 90’s pop hits, This stirs things up a bit.

This is the Day I’ve Been Waiting For



There is a link to the companion written Blog as well. And let's not forget to thank Caring Voices Coalition who makes my life possible.
There is a link to the companion written Blog as well. And let’s not forget to thank Caring Voices Coalition who makes my life possible.

Today I was approved for a grant for expensive, Brand New, Tardive Dyskinesia Medicine. Whew!!! Then, my Video Blogs were posted on my publisher’s site, IBPF, International Bipolar Disorder Foundation.

Here is a link to part one. It’s a two part series on a very common, horrible side effect (Parkinson’s like it makes me understand Why Robin Williams pulled the plug. Involuntary thrashing tremors, etc-wait, I’m spoiling the fun. If you want to take a quick peak on a mental health advocacy Vlog and what it looks like to Vlog in general, here it is.  I’m so brand new at all this, let me know at least if they are live. This syndrome side effect of Atypical Antipsychotic drugs like Abilify, Geodon, Latuda, Saphris, Invega, many of whom market themselves as antidepressants or helpful for bipolar depression, meanwhile the public doesn’t realize that they are on such a heavy duty drug!! I really wanted to get the word out, because it happened to me and it’s really common. People don’t know.

Blog: http://www.ibpf.org/blog/move-over-movement-disorder

Part 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nCOR_YVo-ks

Part 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TqfEX8jl-Zs


“Heaven Knows I’m Miserable now.” (Morrissey and The Smiths)

The inspiration for the Song “heaven Knows I’m miserable Now” by the Smiths died last week. As a bipolar Moper and former alternative radio disc jockey and music person, The Smiths, and their frank display of depression and even hopeless suicidality gave me hope that you could express your sadness to the page and not have it eat you up inside.

About the Late Vivian Nicholson, she and her husband won the british equiv of lottery, full payout of 4.5 million. Within two years she was widowed and married to another rich guy. Notorious for being notorious…where have we been seeing a lot of that lately??? KKK? Anyway, she was tabloid, she was the subject of a West End Musical and her motto was spend, spend spend  I just hope she had a damn fine time. Because she died destitute.

between the spending, all the marriages, affairs, alcoholism (was mentioned in the obituary) for all I know, she might have had bipolar 1 or Bipolar 2, which often goes undetected.