Writing a book, keeping it pure

My ‘better living through chemistry’ lifestyle, even though I see myself as a willing, compliant patient (maybe that’s the problem) has gotten me into some scrapes, side effect wise. Chronic Dry Eye, Chronic Pain from Tardive Dyskinesia, TD itself, loss of libido, cognitive impairment especially with regards to computer stuff, weight gain and have been beating back Diabetes Type 2 for the better part of a decade. I can’t take injectibles like Victoza, because they cause other side effects. I’m trying to write a book that’s helpful, authentic and accurate, but am always taking stock of my anger. There’s only so much rage on the page that people are willing to put up with. Anger is exhausting to read and offers little redemption anyway, don’t you agree? I’ve had bipolar for 30 years, have stayed out of the psych ward for twenty, but I’d go in if I felt I had to in order to stay safe. I’m paying a biochemical price for that. The trick of this game is to make it out alive…to make it through one more day.