Nightmare turned into Daytime Depression is it real?

Me and my beloved ‘Mummykat,’ who we lost over Christmas this year. She was fifteen and her system just gave out on her. She went first. Then we lost ‘babykitty,’ who just gave up, even though we adopted a new kat.

80 percent of people who get Tardive Dyskinesia have uncontrollable movements, large or small, of their jaw, mouth, tongue and teeth. Over time, I’ve lost over ten teeth, which doesn’t seem fair.

Anyway, I had this terrible dream about losing the rest of my teeth a few days ago, and I’ve been depressed ever since. Did my antidepressant stop working (this has happened countless times…so we change up) or is this deal with the teeth a real downwards drag on me? I’m not sure. But if this keeps up, there’s going to be some antidepressant changes, that’s for sure. Going to ride it out for two weeks. Am in week one. This started on Tuesday.