David Bowie showed me how to Be an artist: Be Myself!


My favorite album was the above—1970’s R&B, Influenced, Soul Tinged

“Young Americans”

I can’t express my grief. I knew David Bowie had just released another innovative album and now he’s gone. Well, I guess we’ll have something to remember him by. His courage and constant reinvention of himself and his music always inspired me.  He dared to be different and gave me the A ‘Ok to do the same. He wasn’t afraid of being rejected for his assortment of characters like Ziggy Stardust and The Thin White Duke. He didn’t care if the music critics panned his albums, as long as he knew he was doing something new that had never been done before. Bowie taught me how to be an artist: To be myself.

Proud to Blog for NAMI and IBPF and almost for Bipolar Hope

I’ve been lucky in that somehow I’ve been picked up as a blogger by International Bipolar Disorder and NAMI but truly for every four submissions I send out to other digital publications, only one gets picked up. I got really close to being picked up by Bipolar Magazine’s digital arm, “Bipolar Hope.” They take a lot of drug company money in terms of advertising and I challenged them by sending a Tardive Dyskinesia story. If I had really wanted the twice monthly opportunity, I should have sent them a glossier blog on a ‘shiny happy people’ (REM song) topic. See, IBPF has the distinction of being totally independent financially from the drug companies, so we bloggers can be a bit more truthful, blunt, even, if the subject is so. But we balance it out by emphasizing that it does get better.

The rest of my submissions are rejected for one reason or another. There was Stigma fighters, I guess that evaluating my 25 year struggle on paper I told too many stories and talked about meds too much. When you develop Tardive Dyskinesia, Sexual Side Effects, Terrible Constipation, Constant hunger and Metabolic syndrome (half-way to diabetes thru no fault of my own…I eat good am very active and slender) it’s pretty hard to ignore the challenges and victories over those problems like they don’t exist,

I mean think about this: How many of us have gained or watched a loved one weight and not be able to lose it after being put on psych meds? There are advances in Western Science and Alternative solutions too, and I want to write about my journey. After all, I’m still alive and pretty happy.

Then there was the ‘seeds of hope’ submission and they objected to too much personal narrative and not enough of a “we can conquer thru ideology” presentation. So I’ve realized that in all this advocacy, I have to nurture myself, focus on what’s really important and develop a thick skin. And to stick to my own platforms, like this blog and the book I am writing. Does anyone else out there ‘feel’ me?