Mystery Shopping While Manic Part 3 resources and restaurant shops

You are probably wondering why there is a series of mystery shopping posts on my blog. There are a few reasons. One, I did all these shops while hypomanic and functioning at a high level, so in a way I got turned on to a bunch of restaurants I didn’t know about and got to visit stores like Aveda …things I’ve never done before. It was a romp. Two, a lot of us are on disability and need something to do, to exercise the mind and get out of the house.  Three, the best thing for depression is to learn something. And I guarantee you that all the tutorials you’ll take as you do jobs for different mystery shopping companies (there are 200 out there according to The Mystery Shopper’s Manual), they have little tests to get on their list as a shopper and another test for every ‘shop’ you do. If you do Cole Haan three times at three different locations, they won’t make you do three tests, just one and once you’ve done that, they will try to make sure you do a bunch of ‘shops’ for that client. But don’t say the same thing every time you write your summation report. They hate that. The clients catch on and get mad, they say ‘why should I pay this one person to just give me the same info over and over?” This isn’t fair because the truth is, the employees of these companies sometimes all act the same. So sometimes you have to get ‘creative.’

Another reason I wrote about this is that we often need diversion from depression. Hey, Some of us want free stuff. You won’t get that, you’ll get approximately 3/4 free stuff. But that is better than nothing!! Like for example the restaurant shops at Seasons 52. The food was so incredible and they gave you enough or almost enough to take a friend. They had a high end chop house too, “Capital Grill,” I think it was called. And that was a really good ‘shop.’ But the tests afterwards were long. They really make you earn your money. But if you want to shop around and do stuff that is almost free and don’t mind driving thirty miles to make 20 bucks, have at it.Contact the MSPA, pay them their fee (this is the only fee you should ever pay for Mystery Shopping) and start contacting Mystery Shopping companies. There are over 200 of them.

Mystery Shopping While Manic part three

I am a person with bipolar disorder and during a period of very high functioning low grade hypomania, I was a mystery shopper. My sponsor in OA had been doing it forever and she taught me how to get in. It’s easy. If you want to know, email me at and I’ll go over it with you. I did it for a year and then had a rough experience with the completion of four lengthy reports I had to do over and over due to computer problems on their end. It stopped being fun. I had also done a few Dior Cosmetic counter shops where I was paid 80 bucks to buy something and keep track of their customer service. One thing led to another and I ended up in a Dior beauty class and I bought 700.00 of cosmetics. That kind of behavior could not go on. I went into debt.  One thing though, five years later and their beautiful five color eye shadow palettes are still in my bathroom, being used and I love them. They are 50 bucks apiece. Crazy, huh?

The expensive Dior face creams that promise youthful results are like 400 a jar. Crazy. Yet the mystery shopping made me want to buy them. I didn’t of course.

My next mystery shopping blog deals with restaurant shops. You get paid to go to these high end restaurants and pay attention to the hosts and servers. They pay enough so you can take a friend. In fact, they want you to take a friend.