Move Over, Movement Disorder: Tardive Dyskinesia and its impact on chronic back pain.




I know many are upset about the CNN report with Anderson Cooper on “The Opiate Epidemic.” I could go on and on about that one and my 16 years of a high quality of life due to these ‘dangerous’ drugs. Tardive Dyskinesia takes an injured low back and adds in jerky twists, turns and torks of my torso. Oh, my gosh. Even on pain meds I can feel the instant delivery of shots of pain from the twitching and spasm. Oh well. Seven years of STIMA and Chronic pain. So the topic of chronic pain magnified by tardive dyskinesia has come up because I finally had to quit using my ms contin after 16 safe, responsible, uncomplicated use. I even drove my dose down to a 1/3 of what is was before when I finally stopped due to side effects. 16 years. And I’m a person with a former history of substance abuse, exercise addictio9n, left handed, and bipolar. The very person they think is most at risk of going to the streets, to heroin or abusing their prescription. Puleeze!!!

Enough on that topic. It is what it is and that’s why I’ve stopped “Fighting” it.


I’ve been listening to 90’s hardcore Grungers “Mudhoney” and their epic “Don’t Touch Me, I’m Sick!” In my 7 years with Tardive Dyskinesia, regarding stigma, they lay it on thick. Real thick. Some doctors won’t even take you on.  They see you as a walking lawsuit. Not in a million years.  I’m in enough physical and mental pain and don’t want others to suffer just because I do. I wish Deb Houry from the CDC who says opiates don’t benefit long term, noncancerous pain!!!!!!!!!


But on Tardive I have really good news!!!!

A few years ago, I wrote about this. It’s food for thought if you are on an antipsychotic, new or old. However,  MUCH LESS CAUSE FOR WORRY side effect wise. Newer drugs are much cleaner of this neurological and even metabolic fallout.

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