The Fate of HBO’s “Vinyl” produced by Mick Jagger/Martin Scorcese

It’s not looking good for Vinyl. Which sucks. Totally great show. Hard to watch but then so was House, M.D. The magazine¬†Vanity Fair said the project had been kicking around since the late 80’s in the imagination of Mick and Martin.

Another critic said the show is full of pastiche, a shoddy imitation. ‘Surface,’ ‘Superficial’ or ‘representational’ as opposed to being AUTHENTIC. I totally disagree. There were so many of us how could we be ‘real’ with everyone?¬† Record company guys, by nature, had to be full of shit. And we radio decision makers who chose the songs or were strongarmed into playing them….we were just as full of it. Looking back, I know I was. I enjoyed being pandered to and pampered completely.

Allison Strong's photo.