Words…why they turn me on?


This is what Sunny South Florida will do to you if you go walking, etc.

Vertiginous: Steep, high, causing someone to become dizzy.

Parapet: A low protective wall.

Riverine: Of a river or a riverbank. What context, I wonder?

Pileated: Having a cap like a mushroom. Maybe a hat is what they are speaking of.

Purloined: Steal, thievery

Words of the week



What I love about words is how often I am wrong about what they mean. Usually they are in the context of something that makes them make sense but today I found myself wrong about a few. I run into words a lot because I read a lot. Newspapers and Magazines Mostly.

Here we go

“Putative”: (this was in an article about excessive incarceration in the U.S. I thought it meant punitive..) “Generally Considered To Be.”

“Voluble” (in an article about Trump)….”Speaking Incessantly”

“Apotheosis” (I can’t remember..probably New York Times) “The highest point or culmination of


“Plebescites” (I keep seeing this in the context of Brexit (the exit of Britain) from the European Union) it means “A direct Vote to Decide”


How is this relevant to anything? For one, many of us are writers and love words. For second, many of the people who ‘follow’ me have depression or bipolar and studies prove learning new shit helps mood function. How? I don’t know but I am going to find out.

EU Antitrust Government Gal Going After Google: Art Imitates Life



The European union has a lady in charge of anti trust ….you know, to make sure there’s free market competition rather than a monopoly. Her name is Margrethe Vostager and she’s going after Google.  She alleges that in their search engine, they colluded with a few companies they own, to have their listings show up higher on search results. And that’s not all, she has a ton of other cases in the works as well.

They say that the lead character in the Danish Legal Procedural (Law and Order Type) show, Borgen, is modeled after her, just like Meryl Streep played a composite of the late Diana Vreeland and Conde Nast QueenPin Anna Wintour in “The Devil Wears Prada.”  People are looking out for the best interests of other people.

Watch on.

Out Now: The Big Short Lives up to Big Hype




I saw “Big Short” yesterday and laughed so hard, especially at the scene with the Stripper in Florida who had five houses and a condo and no clue.  Christian Bale will win an academy award, definitely Golden Globe award as the misunderstood, Metallica loving, misanthropic misfit who took the time to crunch thousands of numbers, tabulate thousands of Fico scores, the first to recognize the housing bubble. And few believed him. So much laughter therapy. Marisa Tomei resumes her “Lincoln Lawyer” role playing someone’s sounding board, someone’s conscience as wife of the tortured  banker played by Steve Carrell. Ryan Gosling breaks the fourth wall similarly to how Kevin Spacey does in “House of Cards.”  We love him for it.

Music I relate to.

My regular alternative podcast is not streaming properly. So I am trying out a KROQ2 Online Station to write with. I always here something I used to really relate to, something that kept me alive when my meds stopped working.

Try this:

There are flies on the windscreen.

There are lambs for the slaughter.

Death is everywhere,

There are flies on the windscreen, for a start

reminding us…

That we could torn apart


Come here, Kiss Me, Now….

Death is everywere.

The more I look

the more I feel a sense of urgency.


Come here, kiss me now.

Come here, kiss me, now.

Lyrics from Depeche Mode’s “Fly on the Windscreen,” a real gloom and doomer.

Now it’s Billy Idol.

“Flies on The Windscreen” a secondary single…played on radio here and there.

The distraction of Cycles of Bipolar and ED

Like a lot of other people, I am writing a book. But being bipolar, I have organizational problems. I write chapters and then open another document and write the same chapter, or an overlap in time. Earlier this week I spent five hours on the project, moving things from one document into another. But this ‘overlap’ fix project could take another twenty hours and I’ve allowed myself to get too busy to do it. Also, I follow a lot of blogs and want to see what’s going on with my e friends. Don’t even get me started on Facebook stuff. And Twitter. I ditched Tumblr a long time ago for being too young and dramatic. At 54, I’ve settled down a great deal. Allisonbob8

Steely Dan Again, I am not the only one in pain and that’s a relief!

“At night you hide from the madman you’re longing to be. But it all comes out on the inside, eventually.”

from “Here at the Western World” on “The Royal Scam?” I’m not sure. But Steely Dan..even tho I’m an alternative/indie chick, will always have a special place in my heart for their hedonism to escape the demons that haunted them. I’m not the only one living with a ghost for a soul.

The Emptiness of “Likes”

I don’t ‘like’ it when people ‘like’ my posts. I write my posts because I am reaching out for someone who might be able to help me, someone who has been through it, someone who knows about a book or something better than just a fucking ‘like,’ what good does that do me? What does it tell me? It tells me that you read what I wrote and only had time to ‘like’ it. I have never in my life simply ‘liked’ someone’s post since I’ve been on here. A ‘follow’ or a ‘reply’ I can understand, but ‘likes’ have come to characterize what is wrong with our society today. We don’t have time for each other. Not even a kind word for someone who is suicidal and wondering if it relates, a month later, to Adderall Withdrawal.

The way these cries for help from me on WP are going, I might as well be pissing in the wind, as my best girlfriend says.mommybriefcase

Give yourself a break.

First book is in three parts. The first part is about ten chapters. I’ve already written the middle part and the end part, it just needs cleaning up.

As for the first part,  I broke them down to make it easier to manage. I finished the third chapter today and am going out to the family room to read more of the sunday NyT magazine and Tess of the D’Ubervilles. I’m tired. I was sick last night, dehydrated today and have a computer lesson at 2:30. Plus, this next chapter…I don’t want to write it off the cuff. I want to think, push the pause button and ponder what happens, where the conflict lies and what will create pace.