The Fate of HBO’s “Vinyl” produced by Mick Jagger/Martin Scorcese

It’s not looking good for Vinyl. Which sucks. Totally great show. Hard to watch but then so was House, M.D. The magazine Vanity Fair said the project had been kicking around since the late 80’s in the imagination of Mick and Martin.

Another critic said the show is full of pastiche, a shoddy imitation. ‘Surface,’ ‘Superficial’ or ‘representational’ as opposed to being AUTHENTIC. I totally disagree. There were so many of us how could we be ‘real’ with everyone?  Record company guys, by nature, had to be full of shit. And we radio decision makers who chose the songs or were strongarmed into playing them….we were just as full of it. Looking back, I know I was. I enjoyed being pandered to and pampered completely.

Allison Strong's photo.

EU Antitrust Government Gal Going After Google: Art Imitates Life



The European union has a lady in charge of anti trust ….you know, to make sure there’s free market competition rather than a monopoly. Her name is Margrethe Vostager and she’s going after Google.  She alleges that in their search engine, they colluded with a few companies they own, to have their listings show up higher on search results. And that’s not all, she has a ton of other cases in the works as well.

They say that the lead character in the Danish Legal Procedural (Law and Order Type) show, Borgen, is modeled after her, just like Meryl Streep played a composite of the late Diana Vreeland and Conde Nast QueenPin Anna Wintour in “The Devil Wears Prada.”  People are looking out for the best interests of other people.

Watch on.

Gravatar not mandatory and keeps people out!

Did you know that Gravatar actually keeps people out? There is not an email to punch and thank you. I have to go to one of your posts and leave a comment that’s not related to your post so I can respond appropriately. I personally got rid of gravatar as I think it just keeps people out and also because we got sold a bill of goods. We ‘think’ it helps us and that we have to have it. But what it does is put a sterile, distant physical presentation of another social mediaphile’s first impression of you. And you know how important that is. Also, I can’t just automatically ‘follow’ you. One option is to add a tab ‘contact’ and they would click on that tab and get a live email address.
Thanks again for the follow.


There is so much to keep up with that it’s sometimes hard to do anything! Especially with black and white thinking, all or nothing.

Crazy Spoonie Life

I’m so frustrated today. No matter what I do, I just can’t lose any weight. I started gaining when I was put on an anti-depressant but I really put on the pounds when I started taking my thyroid medication earlier this year. I talked to my doctor about this and she said it’s due to the hypothyroidism and the medication. I need to work twice as hard as a “normal” person to lose weight. Because of an underlying condition with my lungs,  my doctor only allows me to do a few easy exercises like walking. I do yoga and she’s fine with that as well. Kinda hard losing weight without any “real” exercise. I changed the way I eat a while ago. I’ve been an ovo-lacto vegetarian for years and also been cooking from scratch. Cut out sodas etc. I’m thinking I may be on the wrong medication. At my…

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We R Rguing about the Gabor Sisters at home!

My husband and I are talking about Sirius’s FM’s channel the innovative “Outlaw Country.” You are as likely to hear Johnny Cash as you R to hear ZZ Top as Johnny Cash or even Patsy Cline. What he thinks is interesting is a song written by an oldster and later popularized by someone like The Beatles. Both songs would be aired on this cool station. It also plays Meredith Brooks and Lucinda Williams, both who are newer artists. Then we got to talking about TV Land and Green Acres vs Beverly Hillbillies. I told hubby that I had lived next door to Zsa Zsa’s daughter in the Hollywood Hills in 1999 and that Zsa Zsa was not known for acting but by marriage to Conrad Hilton. He disagrees. We looked it up. I’m right. Eva was the Green Acres actor. Zsa was the only one of the Hungarian sisters to even have a child. When I was psychotic at the very end of my stay there I thought I had children (I am childless), used to run down Laurel Canyon and buy groceries to make them dinner. Dad and I talked on the phone and I told him I was making dinner for the kids, who were being babysat at Zsa Zsa’s daughter’s house.

Frightened, he tried to make light of a grave situation. “Allison,” he said, “YOu don’t have any kids, remember? I assured him I did but after I hung up I realized he was right. I needed inpatient therapy for a second time in 10 years. Those actually are not bad stats for a person with bipolar I w/psychotic features.

I’m in Pain, so I’m going Music Shopping on ITunes!



Yesterday I heard uptempo "November Spawned A Monster on Indie 103.1's "Breakfast with The Smiths." Listen at your own risk for depression! lol
Yesterday I heard uptempo “November Spawned A Monster on Indie 103.1’s “Breakfast with The Smiths.” Listen at your own risk for depression! lol

Even though  depressing, negative tracks from Nine Inch Nails, Morrissey and/or the Smiths, Nirvana, The Cure et al) speaks to me strongest, I love Classic Rock. A tempo driven oldie Oldies like “Stuck in the Middle With You,”or a Creedence or Led Zeppepplin song hit the spot on a regular basis. (By now you know of my pathos  penchant for Steely Dan.)

Why now? I’m bored. More important, Music reduces my stress, relieving my  low back pain. I think this is because  music intersects with my exercise-related Euphoria.

My Sources for new Alternative, Rock and forgotten older music? Far and Wide.

Sirius Satellite Radio. Channels: College like XMU, Alternative Nation, 70’s on Seven, Backspin, Shade 45 and Classic Rewind. Sirus worth every penny.

Online LA  station “Indie 103.1.

Jonathan L, who hired me for two different stations(don’t you love it when someone hires you twice?), programs and hosts the weekly show,”The Lopsided Word of L.” It’s aired early Saturday Afternoons on Indie 103.1. You can hear Hungarian, Chinese, Indian and Swedish tunes on this show. It’s great. His shows and playlists are archived on former WBCN programmer Oedipus’s site, The Oedipus project.

One more source: All Access’s weekly Alternative Chart ranked by number of Spins. Also has a chart of most added brand new ones, which I sample. All you have to do is look up all access, and sign up for the free list. You don’t have to be a record or radio Geek.



Courtney Barnett’s new single, “Nobody Really Cares.” Practically Rrriot GiRRl action.

Obscure Nirvana B-Side “On A Plain.”

Former Sex Pistols screamer Johnny Rotten and his new Band, P.I.L, (Public Image Limited.) to remind me of the original riot in the first place. New song: “Double Trouble.”

Fiona Apple’s title themer for”The Affair,” It’s called “Echo in the Canyon.” Gives me chills, that song.

Three year old song now title themer for ABC’s new Serial Killer drama “Wicked City” by She Wants Revenge  “Tear You Apart.”

In case you are like me and tend to get stuck in a past era like the 80’s hair bands or 90’s pop hits, This stirs things up a bit.

Film: Xmas Gifts, indie doc & foreign playing now.

Christmas: Tarantino’s “The Hateful 8” with Jennifer Jason Leigh,  Tim Roth, Michael Madsen, Samuel Jackson and Kurt Russell. We know that Guns will be involved and that Quentin is being persecuted for his comments about Police Violence.

Dec 3 “Christmas Again.” About a Christmas Tree Salesperson and his strange encounters with various people.

Dec 4th “Christmas Eve.” Actor Patrick Wilson and others are trapped in an Elevator on Xmas Eve

Playing Now “Love the Coopers” Diane Keaton, John Goodman

I’m not going to list all the Big Christmas openers just yet. Suffice it to say that Ghostbusters, Rocky continuation and a new Starwars are ready to go. But there are also big budget films of an orginal nature by top Hollywood Directors. We’ll hit that next week.


Playing Now

Suffragette w Carey Mulligan, Meryl Streep, Helena Bonham Carter

Brooklyn: Coming of Age, moving to New York in 50’s

Spectre: Daniel Craig as James Bond

Truth: Robert Redford, Cate Blanchette and Matthew Modine about the CBS witchunt following an unflattering 60 minutes story about the Bush Dynasty pulling strings to keep George W out of ‘Nam.It’s about why Dan Rather, played by Redford, stepped down from journalism. It’s very moving, even if you are not a liberal.

Burnt Bradley Cooper as a washed up celeb chef w/a substance abuse past trying to restart his career. It tanked at the Box Office.  Still, I will see it. It’s a Weinstein release

Our Brand Is Chaois: Billy Bob and Sandra Bullock. Political comedy about rival campaign managers. It also tanked but I’ll see it.

Peanuts Movie

Maybe next week?

The Heist: Robert Deniro and others hijacking a school bus.

Trumbo with Breaking Bad’s Bryan Cranston as a jailed screenwriter, jailed and prohibited from working, branded as a communist and part of the Hollywood 10, all of whom were jailed for not giving up the names of people who had, out of curiosity, attended meetings of the communist party. What’s interesting is like Cartel Kings, Gang Leaders and Mob Bosses, business goes on as usual, even from behind bars.


Smaller, Indie

Friends and Romans. Real life former stars of Sopranos in this drama/comedy gather for rehearsals for their stage production of Julius Caesar. The ever bumbling FBI (oh those Fibbies) mistake this for a group of Wise guys planning a heist.

James White: Sundance Festival Winner about an unrepentant druggie whose mom is dying of Cancer.

The Condemned 2: Eric Roberts (Julia Robert’s underemployed terrific actor brothr) Wrestling film


“My All American.” Football film true story.

“Shelter” a drama about homelessness. Jennifer Connelly stars

“Lost in the Sun” x-country road trip while committing multi state felonies


Documentaries now playing.

Ingrid Bergman in her own words

Steve McQueen: The Man and Le Mans

Song of Lahore: Pakistani film about an orchestra there.

Jackson Heights: A Queens Neighborhood where 167 languages are spoken.

In the Basement: What people do in their basements

Sembene: Top African Film maker delivers another political documentary.


Foreign dramas or comedies

The Nightingale: china

Mia Madre: Italy. It’s about a female film maker.

The 33: Chile (it’s about coal miners)



“Heaven Knows I’m Miserable Now.” (Morrissey and The Smiths)

The inspiration for the Song “heaven Knows I’m miserable Now” by the Smiths died last week. As a bipolar Moper and former alternative radio disc jockey and music person, The Smiths, and their frank display of depression and even hopeless suicidality gave me hope that you could express your sadness to the page and not have it eat you up inside.

About the Late Vivian Nicholson, she and her husband won the british equiv of lottery, full payout of 4.5 million. Within two years she was widowed and married to another rich guy. Notorious for being notorious…where have we been seeing a lot of that lately??? KKK? Anyway, she was tabloid, she was the subject of a West End Musical and her motto was spend, spend spend  I just hope she had a damn fine time. Because she died destitute.

between the spending, all the marriages, affairs, alcoholism (was mentioned in the obituary) for all I know, she might have had bipolar 1 or Bipolar 2, which often goes undetected.