“Go Further:” Dad was Ford Dealer, I’m bipolar, with “A Better Idea”


We’ve come a long way, baby. On the right we have the Ford Explorer. For you millenials, pictured top left was the disastrous contraption called The Ford Pinto.

People howled over Pinto jokes for years but it wasn’t funny. The placement of the engine, in the rear, beneath the trunk or flip top back was terrible if you got rear ended. Dad survived the 70’s Oil Embargo and supported his brood of four daughters during a very rough time. Pinto and all.

I admit, I was spoiled. I certainly was certainly unprepared for the shocker of Bipolar Disorder, that’s for sure.

And I have a whole new way of dealing with mood cycles and other downers that come up in life. You could say I’m “Going Further.”


Bipolar “Biggest Loser” Still Winning w/the weight off 5 yrs later.

Don’t believe the negativity in the News about “The Biggest Losers.” Sustainable life changes DO work.

allison balconyal in german dress and new earrings

2010, after starting Clozaril                                      2016 …..still at it. No fancy diet programs.

So…all the articles say…you can’t keep the weight off.  Everyone in reality show “Biggest Loser” Gained it back.  Diets don’t work. Are you Sure about that? Or are you just trying to sell a book or get an article published? I’m Allison Strong. Not only did I lose ….well, I’ll just ask you to read this article I wrote that posted today at bphope.com, Bipolar And Weight. Here’s the link:

Any click throughs greatly appreciated.


South Florida Sun Sentinel Published my Opinion-Editorial!!! I’m still in shock.

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I’m one for 7 in terms of freelance writing (This is outside of what I send to international bipolar disorder foundation and bipolar hope).

I have sent out, let me count….7 pieces of content. See, I’m manic and will be all over the place with no perspective if I don’t keep track. Finally, one hit in the Daily Newspaper. South Florida Sun Sentinel. Since my point of view is ironically funny with the airlines metaphor and inflammatory I only became aware they printed my story by the huge amount of backlash!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Check it out and comment on it if you want to jump in the fray. Topic? Drug prices. Prescription drug prices. Wouldn’t it be great if we could get all our scrips on the corner? That’s what Scarface, the rapper says in his song “Can’t get right” …”We can’t afford our ‘scriptions, so we all gonna die. CVS is slingin’ dope on evry block WORLDWIDE!  See, we little people? We have to deal with all those middle men that make things legal.

This Bipolar “Biggest Loser” Still Winning 6 Years In.

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We can’t lose weight and keep it off? Rrrrreeeaaalllllly????


This week’s news:  Nearly every contestant from “The Big Loser” regained their lost weight and more.

The experts say : “Dieting Doesn’t Work.”

In 2010, Allison Strong lost the 60 lbs she’d gained on a new medication and kept it off. So far. 

“Me, My Metabolism and the Market” is the beginning of Allison Strong’s  bphope.com (bipolar hope) metabolic series as she pours over recent research and finds holistic ways to disprove the claims of leading nutritionists trying to sell books and articles.

Allison’s never been much for ‘experts,’ ‘authorities’ or the word ‘NO,’ to begin with.


The Real Nina Simone (Bipolar Disorder Recovery)..not new movie


Last night, we finally got around to watching what I was afraid would be depressing, the Netflix bio on Nina Simone, the REAL documentary, not the one that just came out with actors.

There was a lot of black and white in her life and I don’t just mean race. Growing up in North Carolina, because her family were church goers, she had just enough access to the church piano that her gift was noticed and nourished.

She was a heated civil rights activist and the music she wrote after the Alabama Church bombings like “Mississippi Goddamn” was banned from the radio. Today, they’d do a deletion or an edit and she’d so much press that her album would have sold like crazy. But that was a different time and she was a black woman in the 50’s 60’s and 70’s.

At one point, after years of abuse and overwork (she was the breadwinner and her ex-cop wifebeater husband her manager) she just broke down. You could see in her eyes that she was disaffected, disconnected…depressed and dead inside.

They took her to Switzerland in the 60’s and put her on Trilofon, an antipsychotic. What interested me about that was back then they knew and warned her about tardive dyskinesia…changes to her gate, neurological twitches, and the impact it would have on her kidneys. But she recovered….it did affect her creativity and improvisation with varying genres of music, she wasn’t as wild with her art. But she was happy again. And she lived to be 70 in the South of France, financially self sufficient and as she put it, ‘free.’


My Op-Ed “War on Drug Companies” Pub’d by S. Florida Sun Sentinel

My opinion is an inflammatory one, getting backlash.

This is the first time I have written about a topic other than bipolar disorder, my goal. It’s also the first time having  an ‘Op-Ed,’  (Opinion-Editorial) published in a big local daily. (Branching out before my books).

Normally I write for bphope.com (digital wing of “Bipolar Magazine,” “NewLifeOutlook,” and IBPF which is “International Bipolar Disorder Foundation.”




Ice Cream Diet to Keep Antidepressant Down


I am on a terrific antidepressant. But it has this side effect of severe nausea. In the literature and online, that’s it’s most common side effect.

I’m on this antidepressant because I go thru med fatigue where the med gets tired of working, or the brain can’t be fooled anymore..I am not sure which.

I fall into a bipolar depression, which can last months or years. If I get lucky, like three times in the last five years, I get ahold of something I’ve never been on and I am better within a week. That has been my experience with the newest antidepressants that have come out between 2010 and 2016. The other thing that works is to rotate them, and when depression hits to return to an antidepressant that I used five or ten years ago that worked well, and it works again.  But I’m at the end of the line.

All the other choices, except tricyclics, MAOI’s or ECT have been used up. Nothing has been FDA approved since 2013, I’m pretty sure. So I returned to Brintellix, after Viibryd and Pristiq and Fetmiza wore out. I got violently ill. For two weeks I could not keep it down and got depressed again. I had been on a pretty strict diet, no desserts, a lot of rabbit food. One night I ate ice cream and Voila! The medication stayed down. So I’ve been eating ice cream for a month now and my mood is back to normal. Problem is this: Ice cream is a binge food for me. When I start eating it it’s hard to stop. I’ve gained 6 pounds from it.

How do you balance out binge foods? I have not figured this one out.

Tell it like It isn’t…direct to consumer drug ads

Most of us have been around the block long enough to know about side effects. And the TV ads, how they go on and on, they list so many side effects so fast that you can hardly understand them!


Wouldn’t it be hysterical if they listed all the side effects that a medicine Doesn’t have?


“Could you go a little slower please…oh did you say that there is no cardiac risk for elderly patients with dementia, no high blood sugar?” “Really?” What else? We’d be on the edge of our seats, avidly listening. As it is, they’ve covered their butts and we’ve tuned out.


Meds do offer great quality of life in some cases. Not all. I keep reading blogs from people going through really tough patches!

I’ve been good since July. Don’t worry about it too much anymore.