Cash In Hand Egyptian Mercedes Benz customer makes commotion & gets spread in NYT Y is this weird/



Any time I see something about the Middle East I read it. We as a country and especially me, have known so little for so long. I can’t wait to read Anna Secor’s “Children of Paradise” out of Iran. But this one was classic. As you know, Saudi Petrobucks have all but dried up. They used to send Egypt billions but now can’t afford to. To finish Egypt’s ecomony out was the disastrous shooting of the Russian Bound plane from the Red Sea out of the sky. They have lost 1.5 billion or more in tourodollars.

But the poor can’t even afford cooking oil or bread and it gets no play, none of our attention. Then a young, entitled wealthy guy goes into dealership to find his model is not available to drive out that day.

He gets a three page spread in the front Section of The New York Times….now tell me, what stunt do I have to pull to get that kind of fame and attention?mercedes

My BFF and the Movies, one of our pursuits



I have a good friend Clair, who I met at a behavioral center I used to volunteer for. She and I have much in common. One of the things we like is good movies. We’re not into big action adventures, animated, big budget stuff–we have an affinity for the little films about little people accomplishing big things, like the new Turkish Film “Mustang.” We can’t wait. We’ll probably have to see that on DVD.

She also has bipolar disorder and some other stuff, just like me. She has kids and older than I but she even was a disc jockey and programmer If you can believe that!!!!!!!!!!!

We go to the beach once a week. Since Jimmy Buffet build a cheezy Margraritaville resort in downtown Hollywood Beach, robbing us citizens of beach parking, she likes to take advantage of my extra spot across the street from the beach.


we talk about everything under the sun. She lives with her lover (she prefers that term even though they’ve been together twenty years, it clearly delineates him from ‘husband’ status or even ‘significant other.’ Unlike me, she does not confide her health troubles to him. It’s his house, she takes care of him and she doesn’t want to frighten him.

What’s great about the two of them is that they both are former drinkers and now are sober. They don’t believe in AA….just don’t drink. Clair is sure I’m not an alcoholic. Whatever. I don’t drink either but I went back to it briefly. Today it’s really cold here because of the N’orEaster (however that is spelled) so she went to the beach with her lover and they shivered in the cold.

I stayed at home this Saturday and read back issues of the New Times and Doctor Oz’s magazine on health.

There’s another side to me…art therapy w/jewelry and cooking and more



If you have been following this blog for a while you might think I’m married to a life of battle against the ‘powers that be.’ Back when I was on Tumblr I posted a lot about my lighter side, jewelry making, pilates, and gourmet cooking, one of my passions. We have this store in town called Penn Dutch. They have the best, most highly trafficked (this makes for fresher fish because it’s always being replaced by new hauls) fish counter I’ve ever seen. Yesterday they had 9 Oz LobsterTails from South America, not Australia. They carry a Brazilian fish called Branzino that I’ve never heard of.

Yesterday I bought a fish native to here, South Florida, called Pompano. (pictured) it’s only 6.99 a pound, you purchase the whole fish and get two 6oz filets out of it. They filet it for you. What I do is buy coconut milk, fresh mint, and chili paste. I add more splenda to the mixture and heat it up. Then I put dissolved cornstarch in it and pour it over the fish and put it in the oven. I make steamed vegetables and rice, and the extra coconut milk sauce goes good over both. Mike my husband really likes this.

I had to stand at a fish counter with a number tag in my hand for 1/2 hour as this store is crowded. But that’s what makes the fish counter so fresh. Nothing sits there very long.


“13 Hours” (Bengaze) Pablo and Liev Schreiber. Can u believe these two are brothers?




schreiber as Pornstache on 'orange'                              Schreiber


Does anyone remember Ray Donovan or the Newspaper editor in “Spotlight” played by Liev Schrieber? He has a talented brother, Pablo, who played the comic relief role of “Pornstasche” or however the hell you spell upper facial hair. Pictured above. He also plays the outspoken, irreverent and defiant operative in “13 Hours” nicknamed Tonto. He wisecracks, even in the midst of carnage, provide greatly needed comic relief. The film is worth seeing even if you are tired of the the mashed about topic, just to see Pablo’s genius at work.